A Happy Halloween!

It’s A Quetzalcoatlus! Mom Finally Figures Out What The Heck Her Toddler Is Saying

The cute kiddo had been trying to tell his mom what he wants to be for Halloween.

Kids say the darndest things. And sometimes we have no idea what they’re saying. One mom figured that out the hard way as she tried to uncover what her 3-year-old wanted to be for Halloween.

In a sweet TikTok video, Sierra Miller hands her son a photo of a Quetzalcoatlus — a huge prehistoric flying reptile with a 40-foot wingspan — and asks, “Is this what you’re talking about?” The boys eyes light up with excitement as he tells his mom, “A Quetzawcoatwus, you’re right!”

The little guy was replacing his “Ls” with “Ws” — also known as L-vocalization — when pronouncing the pterosaur species, which is totally normal when it comes to kid speech. Still, it took his mom a while to decipher his ask, and it’s pretty easy to see why. Had those dinosaurs even been discovered when we were little?

“Are you happy I finally figured it out?” Miller tells her son, who responded with a genuine, “Yeah!”

“You found the Quetzalcoatlus. Great! It is a Quetzalcoatlus,” he continued, spitting out facts about the now extinct winged reptile, which, he added, is not grey like black-and-white printer ink, but red and yellow. What is he, a paweeeontologist?

“Quetzalcoatlus go on buildings. Quetzalcoatlus have nests on buildings,” he asserted.

Hmmmm. Okay, so he still has a little left to learn.

The video has now been viewed nearly 3 million times, so Miller released the original footage of the moment with the caption, “I didn’t expect his video to blow up! I told him he had a lot fellow quetzalcoatlus fans and that has a little famous [sic] to which he responded, “where is the famous?” Thanks for helping my little dino guy light up #toddlermom#quetzalcoatlus.”

The longer TikTok has Miller telling her son that she ordered him a costume, adding to his joy.

The only question left is, where did he learn about about the Quetzalcoatlus?!