Ex-NASA Engineer Stuns Package Thieves With Fart-Scented Glitter Bomb

by Valerie Williams
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Image via YouTube/Mark Rober

He crafted a glitter bomb laced with fart spray to surprise those who dared steal packages from his porch — and got their reactions on video

An enterprising ex-NASA engineer created what’s possibly the most extra way to punish package thieves — and deter them in the future. He crafted a glitter bomb with an added dose of fart spray to “reward” the unlucky soul dumb enough to steal boxes from him. The best part? He got the thieves’ reactions on video.

In what’s probably the best use of an engineering degree ever, Mark Rober, a victim of front porch package thieves, decided to get his revenge in a very complex and amazing way. He spent six months developing a box that coats thieves who open it with glitter and the sweet scent of farts. The video he made to showcase his brilliant plan is pretty long, so if you want to see the good parts, start around minute 5:40.

The device takes cellphone video footage of the thief and uploads their reaction to the cloud — it can also be tracked by GPS that Rober included in his little surprise box. The most common response to being coated in fart smell and a shitload of “fine” glitter?

“What the fuck!?”

Rober even lent his device to a friend, and that thief’s response might be my personal favorite. “What’s that smell? Ooooffff.” That smell is you being a thieving douche and now being scented like poop, bud. Love. It.

Most of the video focuses on the nitty gritty of Rober’s process in creating the bait box and the surprises contained within, but without a doubt, the most satisfying part of this footage is the people who stole the box getting the worst (and best) shock of all time. It would be hard to come up with an argument for why they don’t deserve it.

For anyone who’s had a package go missing from their porch (me, literally while I was home, what balls) this feels like revenge, even if your box burglar wasn’t the one covered in glitter. It’s delicious to imagine over and over some selfish jerk having pink glitter in their hair for the next month or so while also reeking of farts. Rober may have created his bomb simply to flaunt his extraordinary skills while also seeking to punish those who steal from him, but somehow, this feels like a win for anyone who’s had this happen to them.

We salute you, ex-NASA engineer, for using your brains and skill in the only way they should be used, TBH. Bravo.

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