Women Are Having Exercise-Induced Orgasms, And We Are Intrigued

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If you need yet another reason to workout on the regular, I’ve got it for you. But hold on to your hat, because this one takes the cake: You can totally have a gym-gasm. Yes, you read that right, and it’s exactly what it sounds like — a delicious, orgasmic release while working out. And women around the world are fessing up.

Are you still with me? Sound too good to be true? It’s not, and if you are wondering if this a trick, or some marketing play by the fitness folks to get us to exercise more, that’s not the case.

C’mon, admit it, you’re intrigued. I know I am.

Okay, then. Let’s fucking go — I’m thinking we owe it to our bodies (especially our vaginas) to investigate this gymgasm phenomenon further.

The gym-gasm, or coregasm, is legit, folks, and it can happen to you (if you’re lucky). Here’s what happens: While doing an intense workout, your body can reach an orgasm because of the release of endorphins. Going to pleasure town has been especially effective during a strenuous ab workout, but it’s been known to happen to people while engaging in other exercises like running or lifting weights, too. Hey, all the more reason to try out new workouts, right?

Even better? With a coregasm, the pleasure contractions are felt in the abdomen and inner thighs, and can last for hours. Yes, HOURS.

While we don’t want men to feel left out, this mostly happens to women because we are complex, beautiful, blessed creatures.

Doesn’t this news totally make you want to run to the gym to get your rocks off while burning some calories just because we fucking can? I mean, I kind of want to join a gym just to have a few gymgasms and brag about it.

Would it be weird to go up to a man and say, “Look what I can do, let’s see you try”?

A little?

Okay, maybe it’s best to keep this secret to ourselves when it’s actually happening, but after that I can’t make any promises. This news is too good to keep to ourselves.

In any event, sign me up — I’d love to have an orgasm while getting in a workout. No one would need to know, either (unless you do the bragging thing) since those grunts and funny faces that pour out of you while doing squats and using the leg machines can totally save us from letting everyone know we are taking ourselves to pleasure town sans a partner or vibrator — we are that fucking amazing.

So, if you needed another reason to hit the gym, there you go. Women are having legit orgasms while building muscles (apparently in the legs and their vaginas), and we want to shout it from the rooftops in hopes of getting other women to experience the amazing-ness known as jetting our own juice simply by toning our abs or legs.

Now that’s the kind of multitasking we all fucking need in our life.

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