Exhausted Dog Who Refused To Finish His Hike Gets Professional Rescue

by Christina Marfice
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Image via Evergreen FireRescue / Twitter

Kato the dog really tried his best, but hiking is hard. We get it

Look, hiking is hard for even the most in-shape humans. It’s dirty and can be wet or cold or hot and hikes can be long and tiring AF. Some people love it, but it’s not for everyone, that’s for sure.

And that goes for humans and doggos alike. Sure, there are dogs that tap into their inner wolf and bound down trails like it’s what they were born to do. Then there are dogs like Kato. Kato is very large. And fluffy. And not a fan of hiking — so much so that he gave up before the end of a hike and forced his humans to call search and rescue to come get him.

Yes, actual search and rescue. Kato was too big for his humans to carry him alone, so this is what they had to resort to. Can you imagine making that call? We’re crying from laughing so hard at the thought.

Look, Kato is still a good boy. He did his very best, OK? But the 120-pound Great Pyrenees probably shouldn’t have been out hiking on a hot day with all that fur, anyway. Evergreen, Colorado Fire and Rescue, who came to help out, said Kato “was exhausted and most likely dehydrated.”

“Good thing Kato’s humans reached out for assistance as they were about 1 mile away from the trail head,” they wrote on Twitter.

In the end, everything was fine. Officials loaded Kato up on a stretcher, just like a human, and rolled him down the last mile of the trail so he could rest and get some water.

“He was alert, but he needed some help,” a spokesperson told local news channel KUSA. “When we got down to him, he gave us the same look that any other patient would’ve: ‘Thank goodness you’re here!'”

Thank goodness, indeed. We’re all so glad there was a happy ending for Kato, but also we’re relating to him so hard.

Image via Evergreen FireRescue / Twitter

Just look at his face. That is a dog who has discovered a major life hack. Kato hates hiking, and Kato has just learned how to never hike again. Good boy, Kato.

We’re not the only ones who are here for this. Kato’s anti-hike stance has garnered a lot of support across the internet.

Kato is, indeed, all of us. And if his humans ever want to go on another hike, we volunteer to babysit him, indoors, air conditioner blastin,’ preferably with a cocktail in-hand and lots of pets and snuggles. Just say the word, Kato’s family.

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