Mom Gets Anonymous Hate Mail For Talking About Her Baby Too Much

by Maria Guido
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An Australian mother received an anonymous letter from some “friends” who were apparently sick and tired of seeing updates and photos about the woman’s child on Facebook. 33-year-old Jade Ruthven found the letter shoved into her mailbox over the weekend. It was unsigned — and pretty ruthless:

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Ruthven is a new mom to a six-month-old. Strange, but some people actually feel like creating a whole human is a big deal – especially when they are new parents. Ruthven told iVillage:

“The response after I posted the letter has blown my mind. My aim was to try shame these people into coming forward as I was so angry and hurt. I have been part of two FB mothers groups. The ladies in these groups are amazing and a great support network. They were all totally disgusted in the letter and went on a mission to share it around to show their support. To be honest this has totally backfired on the people who planned to knock me down as I have never felt so strong and loved!”

Good. The note was downright mean.

We all have the friend who posts what some may consider to be “too many” photos of his or her child on Facebook. There’s also the person who posts pictures of every meal they eat, the world-traveler who has weekly updates of exotic locations that make you wish you chose a totally different life path, and the girl you graduated high school with who still looks the same in her bikini as she did when she was 17 (that bitch).

Facebook is a social sharing site. People are meant to be social on it. And with so many ways to hide things you don’t want to see, it’s unbelievable that anyone would feel like they need to resort to writing a nasty note because they don’t agree with the way one of their friends uses the site. It’s really easy to “unfollow” someone — you simply check the option under their profile image. There’s also the option of just scrolling past photos you think are excessive.

We all communicate differently on Facebook. Some use it as a diary, some use it as a photo album, some use it as a way to keep up with current events. If something as benign as baby photos drives you to the point where you have to write malicious letters — maybe a social sharing site isn’t for you.

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