Teens Are Lying To Their Parents About Their 'Morning Routine' And Filming It For Tik Tok, And It’s Freaking Hilarious

by Kristen Mae
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The “fake morning routine” trend on TikTok has been bringing together Gen X (and some older millennials) and their Gen Z progeny in a hilarious way. These two cynical, dark-humored generations go together like peanut butter and jelly anyway — it is known — and this particular trend highlights all the best parts of the older and younger gens.

The gist is that teens and young adults have an “assignment” to create a TikTok for school or their fraternity/sorority or whatever, detailing their “morning routine.” The parents have to be present for this video, and are expected to nod and smile at whatever their kid says, confirming for whoever is watching that everything the kid says is true.

If you know anything about Gen Z, you know where this is going.

“So usually I wake up 7:30, 8 o’clock” … and immediately Dad loses it and starts laughing. “At night?” he asks, doubled over and wheezing with laughter.

“And normally I walk the dogs, and then I make breakfast for me and my mom.”

Mom nods and smiles as directed, but Dad says, still laughing, “Are you serious?”

There are countless morning routine videos, and every one of them is hysterical. Gen Z is brilliant with the shit they come up with, and their parents reacting in the background with their Gen X trademark “you gotta be fuckin kidding me” attitude is exactly the energy the world needs right now.

Audrey’s mom is in the background having a snack, and she doesn’t even let Audrey finish her first sentence about how she likes to “get up at 5:30” before bursting into laughter. “Stop, I’m recording!” Audrey says, also totally failing to contain her laughter. Then she adds, “I like to go for my morning run,” which sends Mom into full-fledged hysteria. At this point, it’s clear Mom knows Audrey is pulling a prank. But Audrey soldiers on, claiming she makes breakfast and does her homework every morning, laughing so hard that at one point she falls on the floor.

And then there’s Lesli who “wakes up every morning at 5 a.m.,” and “makes breakfast” for everyone, and Lesli’s dad who stands behind her shaking his head as he calmly chews his gum.

At the end of the video Lesli’s dad totally exposes her by telling folks that when he leaves for work, she’s sleeping, and when he comes back, she’s still sleeping. We cannot.

Dharini’s dad remains stoic through the 5:00 a.m. wake up lie but cracks when his daughter claims she runs “two or three miles” every day as part of her morning routine.

Yeah, he’s not buying it.

Tiff sets up to make her video in front of her parents who are innocently sitting on the couch. She claims she wakes up around 7:15 every morning. Her mom sort of ignores the whole thing, but when her dad hears Tiff claiming she helps her mom with laundry every morning, his body begins wiggling around as if it is physically trying to reject the words coming out of his daughter’s mouth.

“Nobody helps me with the cleaning,” Tiff says, and Mom claps her hand over her mouth with an expression that is somehow simultaneously incredulous and bored. Dad is now actively wagging a finger at Tiff and from this point, everything falls apart and we love it.

The young woman below has convinced her mom this is really, honestly a class assignment, but Mom is 100% not here for her daughter’s fake routine. “She has no routine!” she says right at the beginning as the two dissolve into giggles. Daughter chastises Mom, reminding her “This is for a grade!”

But Mom has smelled blood. “SHE’S LYING!” she says, pointing accusingly at her daughter. And that’s it. She can’t get any further and cuts the video off because her mom has obviously bested her. I love them.

Reese’s mom also wasn’t having any of her daughter’s morning routine lies. After she empathizes with the teacher that none of the kids turn their camera on during class, Reese tries claiming that she wakes up at 7 a.m. Mom’s face makes it clear this isn’t even a tiny bit true, ever.

Reese continues, sharing that every day she takes a shower, puts some makeup on, and then goes to class. Her mom turns to her and pats her shoulder, her forearm, as if checking to make sure her daughter hasn’t been body-snatched. “Is this Reese?” she asks with mock concern. Then, as Reese continues lying her face off, Mom picks up the family dog and somehow proceeds to keep a straight face until the video inexplicably cuts off. I love Gen Z.

The morning routine trend is freaking hilarious and needs an official hashtag. You can find some videos under #fakemorningroutine, but there are lots more that don’t have a hashtag. Better yet, parents could flip this trend on their kids. Make a video for TikTok pretending you’re a Pinterest mom who never yells and whose house is perfect and film your kid’s reaction. To be honest, we’re here for any trend that brings parents and teens together to laugh with (or at) each other.

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