12 Fall Must-Haves To Get Your Family Ready For Winter

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It’s fall! The best season of them all, and if you don’t agree with me, well my raging pumpkin spice habit says you’re wrong. But with fall comes the knowledge that winter is, in fact, coming. It’s time to stock up on all those things to keep our families warm and having fun. And keep them outside in the snow where they belong.

1. Cute AF Kids’ Pajamas

These absolutely adorable kids’ pajamas from Rags’ Halloween collection are styled after Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. And just like the movie, they are the right amount of quirky and hip.

2. Simplicity Animal Hat, Scarf, Mitten combo


It’s a bear! It’s a hat! It’s a scarf! It’s gloves! My kids act like wild animals and now they can look like them too. Genius. There is a range of animals to choose from like wolves, owls, and leopards. And maybe this isn’t the most functional thing in the world because does your head move when your hands move? But it’s never too early to learn that fashion is not always practical.

3. This snowsuit that will actually keep your kids warm (and looking cool.)

From Tobe, the snowsuit of all snowsuits right here. It’s expensive, yes, but if you live in Colorado like I do and it NEVER stops snowing you will get your money’s worth. And it’s so incredibly durable that you’ll be able to hand it down to siblings and neighbor kids and it’ll probably be around to keep your grandchildren warm. With this snowsuit on, your kids will never ever come back inside because they’re cold, which is a win for everyone.

4. This blanket from Rumpl.

LOOK AT THIS THING. Don’t you just want to buy this for your kids and then steal it from them because your partner insists on keeping your home at a sub-zero temperature? Just me? This would be the perfect thing to take to those 10,000 football and hockey games you’ll go to this year so you don’t freeze your butt off.

5. This coffee mug which is for you because you do all the things.

You haul the kids to soccer practice and bake the cookies and yell at the everyone who just can’t figure out how school pick-up works. And you love fall, dammit. The leaves, the pumpkin spice, and cooking everything in a crockpot because YOU CAN. You deserve a little something too.

7. This Adorable Tim Burton-Inspired T-Shirt.

This t-shirt from Rags is so soft that your child will probably never want to take if off. It also helps me learn to accept that our kids will always have cooler clothes than us.

6. This amazing sled by Zipfy.

This looks fast. And fun. But maybe let your kids try it first to see if it’s safe. And your partner.

7. These adorable unicorn slippers that you wish came in your size.

I would rock those so hard while going to the grocery store or school pickup or maybe even the dentist…okay, maybe there’s a reason they don’t come in my size.

8. This mug for hot chocolate that you can shoot marshmallows into.

Wait? What? How did this not exist when I was a kid. Think of all the marshmallows you’d need to go through just to perfect your shot?

9. These fall-flavored popsicles.

So Fruitty

When you’ve got those fall vibes, but aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to summer, these frozen fruit bars by SoFruitty really hit the spot. They have some really unique flavors (kiwi, anyone?). Our faves are definitely Coconut Joy and Yummy Avocado.

10. Klean Kanteen kids’ water bottles.

These are the most adorable designs. Slow down sloth? I’ll take two. A robot and dinosaur who are best friends? Yes please. Your kids will think you’re the coolest mom and you’ll be doing a small part to save the planet. Klean Kanteen is family-owned and on a mission to get rid of all the gross disposable water bottles (and the planet could use all the help it can get right now.) You can check out Klean Kanteen’s entire kid line here. And if you need an insulated mug for yourself while going to all of those hockey games you can’t do better than this one.

11. These baby beard hats.

Because, C’MON. How do you make babies even cuter? Make them look like little old men! With that binkie sticking out…I just can’t handle it.

12. These glow-in-the-dark pajamas.

So your kids can REALLY scare the crap out of you. What’s more frightening than a small person randomly staring at you in the middle of the night? A small skeleton staring at you in the middle of the night. You’re welcome.

Have a great fall, y’all. Stay warm out there.

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