We Found The Coziest Family Holiday Pajama Sets

family pajamas

Having matching holiday pajama sets just feels like something we need to do even if not everyone in your family is in to it. There is something about getting cozy pjs for the whole family so, they might as well match right?

Even if you aren’t planning on doing a photo shoot for your holiday card, or you sleep in the buff, you can wear these comfy sets while lounging around on a Sunday making Christmas cookies. There’s nothing like getting changed into something that leaves more room for popcorn and curing up to watch a family movie either.

Here are some holiday pajama sets that are too freaking cute to pass up.

1. PajamaGram Family Christmas Pajamas


These super soft pajamas are festive and can be worn all winter long. They come in sizes for the entire family and they didn’t leave out the family dog, either.

2. IFFEI Deer Pajama Set


If animals are your jam, these cute sets with deer antlers and buffalo check bottoms are perfect. These are too cute too pass up for your family holiday photo.

3. Hoodie Reindeer Pajama Set


If you really want to go for it, these jumpsuits are the perfect way to get you into the holiday spirit. They even have reindeer hoodies and come in a few different styles and colors.

4. PajamaGram Blue Lights Pajama Set


These blue pajamas are colorful and fun for the entire family, and are the perfect thing to get out when you decorate the tree.

5. Hanukkah Pajamas


These blue, plaid flannel pajamas are perfect for celebrating Hanukkah. They can accommodate everyone in your family and will keep you warm and snug all night long.

6. Happy Hanukkah Family Pajamas


These cute little sets are easy to wash and will fit the entire family.

7. Elf Pajama Set


If you are elf fans, you can’t go wrong with these hilarious family pajamas. They even come with the pointed booties.

8. Fleece Holiday Pajamas


These fleece “Santa Squad” pajamas are extra warm and cozy. They are colorful, cheery, and you can even get something for the fur baby in your life.

9. Flapjack Pajamas


What could be cuter than getting the whole gang into flapjack pajamas with this trap door in the bum area? These are sure to be good for a night of laughter and the perfect thing to wear during game night.

10. PajamaGram Red And Green Pajama Set


You can’t get more festive than this red and green set from PajamaGram. There is something for the entire family.

11. Polar Bear Pajamas


Polar bear pajamas don’t have to be just for the holidays. These can be worn all year long, and are super comfy.

12.Red Snoopy Family Pajamas


If you are a Peanuts fan, these cute, red pajamas are exactly what you need to get for your entire family. Don’t forget the family pet.