These Images Make A Very Good Argument That Dogs Are Harder To Clean Up After Than Kids

by Ashley Austrew

This family learned the hard way that their dog can’t be trusted alone

As most parents can tell you, there’s no mess like one made by kids. Whether it’s finger paint smeared all over the kitchen table or permanent marker on the sofa, those little monsters sure know how to put a terrible stamp on your home decor. But, if you think a little crayon on the wall is bad, you’ve apparently never seen what an unattended dog can do with a bottle of ink.

An Imgur user recently shared some hilarious photos showing what happened when a husky spent three hours prancing around in black ink while his owners were away at the movies. The husky apparently knocked over a bottle of “100 percent non-toxic” traditional calligraphy ink, and then pranced, pawed, and hoofed his way through his owners’ living space, leaving the kind of mess that would make Martha Stewart throw herself off a cliff. Seriously, look at this:

Image via Imgur

Image via Imgur

It’s kind of like 101 Dalmatians, except not at all adorable and it makes you want to start drinking. Look at what he did with the rest of the place:

Image via Imgur

Image via Imgur

He even signed his work when he was done:

Image via Imgur

Of course, the very best part has been the responses to the photos. One Imgur commenter referred to the dog as “Jackson Pawlock,” while another wrote, “What you don’t know is that a giant squid broke into the house to steal their jewelry, and the dog is actually a hero, and fought it off.”

The photos have been viewed more than 342,000 times, so the comments section has pretty much just turned into a joke-a-thon at this point:

“I like to imagine that all the stuff lying around and covered in ink were unsuccessful attempts to clean up the mess.”
“Maybe the dog just wanted to play a game of blues clues and got a lil carried away”
“That dog has taken more steps in 3 hours than I have in a year.”
“Well, it’s pretty clear – this dog sucks at calligraphy.”

I don’t know whether to be horrified or impressed by this dog’s ability to destroy an apartment. I mean, where do you even begin to clean something like that up? You might as well just blow the place to smithereens and start over because that would actually be easier than trying to scrub black ink out of, well, everything.

It’s impossible to say for sure whether dogs or kids make bigger messes, but I think I speak for every parent and pet owner alike when I say this is the stuff of nightmares. If we can agree on anything at all, it’s this: at least it wasn’t poop.

H/T Bored Panda