Fat Unicorn Cakes Are Basically The Best Thing Ever

by Thea Glassman
Image via bocadodeideias/Instagram

Fat unicorn cakes exist and they’re glorious

You know that feeling of pure bliss you get when you’ve just eaten a bunch of ooey gooey cake? That feeling of wanting to unbutton your pants and flop down in bed, drunk with happiness? Well, that exact state of mind has been captured perfectly in edible form. Bakers have been perfecting the Fat Unicorn cake — which is basically a delicious looking cake accompanied by a chubby little unicorn, gleefully passed out from the sugar rush. It’s almost too hilariously amazing to eat. Almost.

Unicorn cakes are fun, festive, and oh so elegant. They involve lots of pretty, colorful swirls of icing, a delicate golden horn, and the creamiest, rainbow filling you’ll ever see. Fat Unicorn cakes are a little less elegant. They’re kind of like that jovial, crazy uncle you invite over for dinner, who will probably (definitely) get very drunk and fall asleep on your couch. Team #FatUnicorn all the way.

So cute. So chubby. So relatable. I’m equally torn between wanting to hug the baby unicorn and also go to town hard on that blue frosting.

If you’re looking for a slightly more refined, child-friendly option, there’s the below cake creation – which features lots of pretty pink icing, complete with edible gold stars and flowers. Also, our fat unicorn could not look more adorable. Or more sugar dazed.

Annnnd there’s also these glorious creations.

Now, go eat some cake and live your very best Fat Unicorn life possible. Side note: is there any way to buy a unicorn as a pet? Asking for a friend.