Don't Mess With A Mom On A Mission With A Fist Full Of Goldfish Crackers

by Team Scary Mommy
Originally Published: 

Listen up, world, moms are the best top chefs who ever lived. We know our customers like no other. We feed the ones who won’t eat crusts or anything crunchy or anything squishy, or the customers who will only eat a certain hard-to-find, never-on-sale brand of yogurt for breakfast. We are the ones who toil in the kitchen only to find ourselves on hand and knee wiping our healthy pureed masterpiece from the floor minutes later. And so we offer this tribute to every mom in every kitchen who owns the table they serve like a boss. This is also a hilarious parody of the Netflix show Chef’s Table in case you watch that one after the kids are in bed. So grab a bowl of Goldfish crackers and enjoy.

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