15 Tweets About The Hell That Is Meal Time With Kids

by Valerie Williams

One of the most frustrating parts of parenting is feeding your kids. Between the pickiness, whining, tantrums and bargaining for dessert, it’s enough to make anyone throw in the towel and make boxed mac and cheese with a side of dino nuggets six days a week.

But we’re parents and this comes with the territory. We field all the ridiculous requests and endure the never-ending complaints, then start all over the next day making more meals that will be summarily rejected. Luckily, the funny parents of Twitter know the exquisite pain of a kid that will only eat chicken nuggets and are here to make you laugh through all the tears and wasted food.

1. Because, of course.

It’s Kid Law — what’s on someone else’s plate is infinitely more delicious than anything on their own. Lucky us.

2. Dramatic AF.

Is it like, programmed into a child to writhe around as though they’re in actual pain when you tell them what’s for dinner, even if it’s their “favorite” food? If so, I want a factory reset on my son.

3. Snack is a four-letter word.

I don’t know about ya’ll, but hearing the word “snack” basically makes me break out in hives now. Snacks are the bane of my existence as a parent.

4. Yum.

Funny how their palate is suddenly so particular once dinner time rolls around.

5. That’s gotta be it.

Maybe try serving dinner out of his lunchbox? Desperate times and all.

6. End scene.

The same drama plays out every night. You know every line. Just give him the god damn cars and pour yourself a glass of pinot.

7. As you do.

Is this like, abnormal? Because I’ve been doing this since my kids were able to eat solid food. Shrug.

8. Right on time.

The dreaded “S” word. Try serving them their vegetable from dinner as a snack.

9. So nice.

You can at least pretend briefly that they ate it. You have no evidence to the contrary.

10. Mmmm.

I prefer chicken nuggets and fries but I also eat them before they get cold. Welcome to why I’m perpetually 10 pounds overweight.

11. Tell us how you really feel.

Well then. Not mincing words huh, buddy?

12. So, pretty much never?

Like an actual post-apocalyptic event. Sounds about right.

13. They literally don’t care.

You could be at death’s door and your kids will still see you as merely a vehicle for producing the almighty snack. It’s nice to be needed? I guess?

14. Parenting hack.

Time to be real and save yourself a lot of heartache.

15. Accurate.

Wash, rinse, repeat. Happy feeding, parents!