The 10 Fights You’ll Most Likely Have With Other Moms


When I was a new mom, I found out pretty quickly that there were two things about the experience that I really disliked; other children and their parents. Of course, that all changed as I started to make more and more friends, and realized that the problem wasn’t moms, it was assholes, and just made a point not to make friends with assholes.

Still, even if you aren’t friends with assholes, they will still come and find you, wherever you are. The fact is, you can be the nicest person in the world, but someone will always manage to rub you the wrong way. Of course it’s important to pick your battles, or else you’ll end up a lonely husk of rage, but there are times you don’t want to be spineless either. At some point or another, most people will end up fighting with other moms about the following:

1. Who gets to discipline whose child. I am that annoying woman who walks around at birthday parties, giving people permission to yell at my kid if they need to. I want them to know I don’t feel weird about it. Some people do feel weird about it, and they will tear your fucking throat out if you tell their kid to knock something off.

I once told an older kid to stop pushing toddlers off of the monkey bars when they started to climb up. The mom flipped out on me, all “WHAT DID YOU SAY??” That experience hasn’t soured me, though. I love saying “no” and if your kid’s a dick I will tell them “no”, too.

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2. Snacks. Oh my god, snacks. This is a minefield. A delicious, delicious minefield. Listen to me: You are being judged on the snacks you serve your child at the playground. It is either too sugary or too crunchy-granola. Hide it in your purse and let your kid dip their head in there every once in a while instead. Do not ever give other people’s kids snacks unless you are hoping to get into fisticuffs.

3. What counts as age-appropriate. I never knew this was even an issue until I had a playdate at my house when my daughter was four. She was obsessed with SpongeBob SquarePants and was watching the show when the other kid came in. I promptly turned it off, but halfway through the playdate the mother said she “couldn’t just keep my mouth shut anymore!” and actually started to cry because she felt so bad that my daughter was being subjected to SpongeBob.

4. Stroller real estate. Stroller parking, stroller rolling, being in the direct path of someone’s massive Escalade-type stroller. You might be surprised how pissed people get if you are in the way of their stroller, take their parking “spot” or don’t move all of your shit out of the 5-foot horizontal corridor of space they need to maneuver through the library/Starbucks/playground.

5. Sharing. Most parents want their kid to learn how to share. And then your kid meets the kid whose parents hate sharing, and you’re fucked. They’ll be in the sandbox together and you’ll tell your child to share the red bucket and then the dad will say to you, “how would you like it if you had to give all of your things to someone else??” And then suddenly it’s a fight about Obamacare.

6. Something related to school or preschool. If you think playground annoyances end when your kid gets to school or preschool you are wrong. So very, sadly wrong. Welcome to the world of fights about attendance, who is gifted and talented and who should be responsible for volunteering at the berjillion parties your kid’s class will have. Hint: It’s you.

7. Multi-level marketing gigs (Think Pampered Chef and Mary Kay). Obviously.

8. What kind of a job you’re doing (spoiler: not a good one). Back in the day, I would get into fights with older moms about this very thing. There was always something I was doing that wasn’t quite right, probably because I was an idiot, unlike them. You would think that a group of women who face criticism based on their age would not turn around and criticize people based on their age. You are wrong.

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9. Carseats. Car seats were not the bastion of bicker-fuel they were when I was a new mom. Now, you will get in fights about everything from head supports to proper Y-strap formation and it will make you wonder if you need a hobby, and also if that hobby should be carseats.

10. “I could NEVER [insert thing you’re doing here]” I could NEVER send my kid to daycare. I could NEVER give my child Lunchables. I would NEVER put SpongeBob on T.V. Honestly, who cares what you would never do? Gratz on never doing it. But why do you care what other people do? Short of hauling off and backhanding a toddler for spilling their own juice, it’s none of your business.

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About the writer

Theresa Edwards lives in Dallas, Texas, with the beloved fruit of her loins. When she isn’t busy writing, she uses her free time to complain about everything. Follow her on Twitter.

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leiah 10 months ago

I think vaccinations should be on this list.

Wendy 12 months ago

Love your thought, but sorry to say, plenty of parents who love their kids belittle, degrade, starve, hurt, and just plain raise their kids wrong. It takes more than love, it takes some knowledge to be a GOOD parent. (Patience doesn’t hurt either.)

J.Lee 12 months ago

The cool thing about critical moms is that they were that way before kids and will continue to be that way in the senior community later (watch your lawn gnomes, ladies!)

You can’t always tell when you first meet them but once you do realize that hanging out with this person makes you feel like crap or so angry you want to Hulk-out, you can just smile and be, quite suddenly, really busy. Nothing makes them madder than seeing you happy, unphased and unattainable. Plus, you don’t have to look like a tool raging out on them on the playground. This is sadly, experience talking. Lol

Emily 12 months ago

Biggest fights I’ve ever had with other moms are over vaccines. Can’t believe it’s not on this list.

Shannon 12 months ago

I might cry because ‘I’ was being subjected to SpongeBob, but not because someone else was watching it.

summerGApeach 12 months ago

Hahaha… Ive just learned recently that not everyone understands sarcasm (or uses basic common sense)
Im the type of person who if you ask a dumb question, youre def going to get a sarcastic/smart ass response or if you ask something Ill prob give you an off the wall crazy weird answer or tell the exact opposite of the true answer..
And Im a sailors wife, so Ive got a filthy mouth but here’s a clean example of what Im talking about: last yr since I was on the PTA Board (yeah Im that mom too lmao) and it was the night before our ‘Breakfast with Santa’ we were all in the cafeteria setting everything up on the stage.
Then the principal walks in when we’re almost done and she says ‘Oh it looks wonderful, were you able to get everything to fit?’ and without hesitation (and before anyone else has a chance to respond lol) I say ‘Well yeah almost, except for the dang slide that Santa was suppose to push the kids down with his foot!’ (obviously a ref the movie ‘A Christmas Story’ right?)
The principal grined with a little chuckle then says, ‘Well maybe next yr?’ (great response! she got the joke.. sweet!)
Then I get this feeling coming from behind me so I turn around and there’s the PTA Pres. glarring at me and I could tell she was pissed -Clearly she did not find any humor in my comment like everyone else did, which made me kinda think wtf? get the stick out of your ass..
So just to piss her off a little more, I pretended to be oblivious to her now blood red face and the smoke coming out of her ears lol And I just smiled at her and asked if she needed help with lights or anything?!

horseyb 12 months ago

My MIL always says things like “thank you for giving us our grand kids”, and I’m always want to be like, “No! I am not giving them to you, thank you! They are MINE. When my husband is home, they are ours. But they are NOT YOURS! 6 years of trying to conceive, hormone therapy, fertility tests, and my wonderful 7 year old Savant with sensory and social problems (ADD/Asperger’s) and 5 year old who is just crazy (in a hyper/happy/wonderful way), are MINE.

Kimberly Snook Haines 12 months ago

Only 3 occasions that are worth fighting over, the parent/teacher who decides correcting my sons behavior with physical punishment is ok, yes please reprimand my son but don’t put your hands on him, the other two are about car seats, the parent who insists on driving like a reckless asshole with a kid in the car or the parent who doesn’t even have a car seat…other than that if your kid is happy, healthy and fed does it really matter? No it’s unnecessary drama that I don’t have time for :)

Sharon McDivitt Greier 1 year ago

Love!!! The sharing one! So damn true!!!

Kelly Edblom Armstrong 1 year ago


Jodi 1 year ago

I have experienced all of these. The biggest fight I have had with parents and school is the one were my kid deserves an education. I have a developmentally delayed child, and many parents accuse me and my child of dumbing down education. That would be applicable if my kid were mainstreamed. :/.

Sandi Santiago 1 year ago

This is great :) I often find myself in these situations. I like to play dumb and act like the other person is a freaking genius. Oh tell me more about raising my baby please …oh I forgot to tell you I have three seven years apart and have already been there done that. Its getting worse the older they get. I have arguments over where my 14 should be at her age . Btw she is freaking one of the most amazing people I ever met so I’m doing something right.

Jamie Wysel Krug 1 year ago


Karen Graves 1 year ago

Bahaha…just add circumcision to the list and it’s pretty much complete.

Elizabeth Chambers Phillips 1 year ago

Can I add to the list… Vaccinations! Ahhhh!

Catrina Jade Sourisak 1 year ago

The one uppers….
“We just started potty training”
-“Oh, Felicia has been out if diapers since she started walking.”

Dawn Miller 1 year ago

Oddly I had a #9 once. And I couldn’t give a $#¡+ less about car seats. As long as my kid is in one and it’s securely strapped to the car I say I’m doing okay. This other mom THOUGHT we had an expensive car seat and wanted to make a snide comment about it. Jokes on you. I’m too cheap for your criticism. But nice try.

Georgie Goldstein 1 year ago

Too funny. I feel like I am always in trouble about something

Anna 1 year ago

Great article, sad but true. I always find this soooooo funny when I hear people talk like that. I just stop and stare. I’ve raised a slew of kids, bio, adopted, foster, exchange. 11 so far and honey was asking about another one yesterday. They know where I live and I’m sure they will show up when they need to be here.

The goal isn’t the biggest best buggy or coolest car seat or even perfect “whatever” the newest trend is. The only real goal is they are healthy and well rounded people by time they are 30. If that means the answer is no, and it makes them unhappy for a while, it’s ok. They don’t need $200 shoes, $500 phones and the newest video game to be awesome. But if they happen to have it, that’s ok too.

Our kids need to be responsible, happy, well educated people. All the rest is just window dressing. Breathe ladies, and let your friends and neighbors breathe too. They will all be just fine.

Jen 1 year ago

Take a little time to read the comments and you can see that not all women behave this way. Generalizing just makes you look stupid.

Maria @amotherworld 1 year ago

“I could never” rings so true. “Oh I could never let my kids play that game, or eat that food, or stay up that late, or…” and the list goes on and on and on. Why some people like to tear each other down I will never understand. To each their own.

Elisha Debose 1 year ago

Lmao my mom didnt have a problem with any of that because my mom was intimidating now im a mom no one has told me anything yet lol

Brandi Gladson 1 year ago

I think I am the “lonely husk of rage”. One that could add even more to this list. Lol.

Km 1 year ago

Your kids eat Ritz? Man oh man. When I got out on my own and later married it was Ritz all the way. Nary a bland, tasteless saltine to be found unless I was planning to eat canned tuna. Do you think my kids appreciate my going the extra mile for the good crackers?? Nah. They got them once at the salad bar and now it’s, “Can we have saltines? Pleasepleaseplease!!!”

Kimberly Moak Savage 1 year ago

Love it

Eric Beyer 1 year ago

I’ve never had a confrontation with another parent.

Kate 1 year ago

That’s actually not true about not being able to test drive (or at least test install) car seats. If you buy a seat at Babies R Us and when you get it out to your car you can’t install it then you can bring it back in for a return/exchange. There’s also a store in my area that has “floor models” of car seats that you can take out to your car and trained installation technicians to help you. Obviously not everyone is going to have access to something like that but I can’t imagine they’re the only place in the world that does that and Babies R Us is widely available in the US at least.

Catherine Heidrich Dixon 1 year ago

The same mom has confronted me on pretty much every one of these topics, plus birth choices and vaccines, and then said I was mean for choosing not to pursue any further conversations with her. Good riddance. Ain’t nobody got time for dat!

Jaimie Hadden 1 year ago

When one of these fights start you just do a little tape dance and say I don’t give a damn what you think da da da da da da

Lucky King 1 year ago

Never had a mom fight.. yet. My son is only 2 but im thinking if SpongeBob is bad…what woyld they say about my sons favourite show being the simpsons…

Jaime 1 year ago

I have only a few moms that I’ve bickered with in real life, and one is my mother in law, so that really doesn’t count. The funny thing is that the mom I’ve fought with the most is someone I actually agree with on most things. We’re both pretty crunchy, pretty careful to give our kids granola-type foods, cloth dipes, etc – but the way she gets in other people’s faces about it and judges them drives ME so crazy, that I usually give my kids candy only when she’s looking, and since I know it pisses her off when anyone drinks soda, I always make sure I have one of those super-sized ones when we go over to their house. It’s a passive-aggressive playground :)

lori 1 year ago

I remember one day at the beach I was eating an ice cream sundae (ice cream, fugde sauce and whipped cream) and gave my one year old a small bite. The lady sitting close to us said to her child (loudly, so we could hear) “I never gave you ice cream when you were that young!” I never felt so judged as a parent! What they couldn’t see was that I was trying to do what I thought was best for my child (,nursing, making homemade baby food. Etc) all they were seeing and judging me on was one bite of food!
As for car seats..I was a certified car seat technician / instructor so I did have some expertise however, I stopped trying to offer advise or help unless asked after one parent reamed me out telling me I was judging her parenting skills.

Mary Powder Dev 1 year ago

All of these items only bother you if YOU let them. Live your life.

Kellie Banks 1 year ago

#1! Parents that don’t discipline (even when they think they are) and their child is continually bullying my child/ren! Makes me thankful of my children’s behaviour :)

Pen 1 year ago

The kind of moms who complain about mama drama the most are the ones who insight it.

Diana 1 year ago

Number 7!!! O.M.Gosh! I am soooo sick of Pampered Chef, Initials Inc, thirty-one, Tastefully Simple, Tupperware, Norwex, V3, It Works Wraps, et al!!!! I want to scream, “I DON’T DO PARTIES!!!” But I don’t. I just ignore the emails, facebook posts, etc. It’s cute, neat, whatever, but nothing I can’t live without.

Misty Elliott 1 year ago

Thank God I have awesome mom friends. Although I have been unfortunate enough to have asshole mom’s that I have had no choice but to deal with throughout the years. I can’t stand mom’s who think they know it all, who honestly think they are the “all knowing holier than thou” mom. I find that most of those kinds of mom’s are heavily involved in the school system as well. A horrible place for them to be. They think they are doing the world a favor when really they are probably the most hated person in the community though no one will say anything for fear of their “motherly” wrath.

Diana 1 year ago

Haha! If I’m not buying them on a quick grocery trip, I’m cutting up bologna and cheese and throwing it on a plate with generic Ritz when we’ve run out of bread!

Yolie Lizarraga Leòn 1 year ago

My wolf pack is growing. ..Chronic Bitch face is the way to go….

Sarah 1 year ago

You think it’s bad that people don’t use the correct carseat? I’m sitting here in this country in Southeast Asia where everyone uses motorbikes to get places. I’ve seen moms with three children on the bike in regular (read: HEAVY) traffic, and a man with his wife (I’m assuming) on the back with a child that was probably breast feeding at the same time. And these aren’t rare occurrences and not poor people who can’t afford better, it’s just how it’s done here. Don’t judge others how they raise their kids, some people just do it differently.

Laura Latham Nalley 1 year ago

#7 for sure!!

Cindy Robertson 1 year ago

Pretty true

Terrie Elizabeth 1 year ago

No kidding! I once reprimanded a 5-6 year old for almost shoving their 2yr old sibling down stairs and mom bit my head off. Really? Little baby seemed relieved when I caught her though, mom missed that part. No good deed

Terrie Elizabeth 1 year ago

Me too. My daughter’s friend used to bring those to play all the time, ham cheese crackers and a cookie. Then one day I made mine a homemade version with lowsalt preservative free ham, real cheese, and rice crackers with an organic cookie and apple slices. Her friend liked her new lunchable so much!

Terrie Elizabeth 1 year ago

I wholeheartedly agree. Boundaries, kids need them regardless where they come from.

Whisper Means 1 year ago

Oh no…I could see some of this coming! Ugh!

Terrie Elizabeth 1 year ago

No play with the mentally ill antivax mom untill baby was 2. Nox I wont but an entire cabinet of special food just for the nazi vegangmoorganicallgrainanddairyfree mom whose child has no medical issues, she just likes that stuff. If she must eat that and only that, then send it with her. And no, I dont like your dog. It cannot come with your child, and no backtalk when I make good on my wArn ing that it will be tethered to my porch if she brings it again anyway.

Travis Withers 1 year ago

Please tell me this is fiction. Moms fight over this? Please. You do you. I’ll do me. Get out of my face.

keelye 1 year ago

I don’t mind if another parent tells my child not to do something AS LONG AS when their kid does the same thing they discipline them as well. ‘Parents whose kids are not disciplined but they love every chance to get a hold of someone else’s child’ no no no honey

Susan Dylka 1 year ago

LMBO I’ve been witness to some of these. But I used to run an at home daycare for 13 years. Your kid either shaped up and you backed me up or find another daycare. I win.

Kimberly Cromwell 1 year ago

My one and only disagreement with another mom came on the heels of me nursing my 10 month old while tucked away in a corner at the mall. She says,” Oh my god! I can’t believe you are still breast feeding that kid. Don’t you think she’s a little big for that? I asked, “aren’t you a bit nosy for a perfect stranger? Beat it lady!” She nearly ruined my day.

JessieJaymz Baldwin 1 year ago

This makes me thankful for my Mothers Group, judgment free zone and every mummy doing the best she possibly can!

SA 1 year ago

Exactly what I was thinking- as I learned in Freakonomics (and actually graduate- level econ..).. So those kids that died in car accidents.. Umm yeah- most of them would have died whether or not they were in a car seat.. Sorry..

SA 1 year ago

X2… Standing Ovation for the tragedy whore comment..

Rebecca Hensley Shelton 1 year ago

And sharing. I have one rule, we will share the toy with you when we are done playing with it. Kids who are forced to give up every toy they get their hands on grow up to be walked all over and pushed around. It never hurt any kid to wait their turn and be patience. Some adults need to learn too. I used to have a friend who would tell my girls, can my daughter play with that, she really likes that toy and when she is done you can have it back. My response….hell no, she can have it when my kids are done playing with it. Who does that?! What dors that teach kids?! That thwy are priority and that is not always the case.

Rebecca Hensley Shelton 1 year ago

My 2 year old baby girl loves spongebob, as did my older girls, and guess what…they survived, they are now in high school and are very smart, athletic, successful young ladies and they dont have self esteem issues and arent in therapy because of it. Im all for spongebob if the kid likes it.
I think a #10 is the worst. Your kid is no better than my kid is no better than the next kid. Its nice to brag on your kid, everyone likes to hear the cute stories, but when I am telling my cute stories, shut the hell up and stop trying to out do me! I will just get up and walk away and we cannot be friends. Just sayin!

Sandra Mood 1 year ago

Agree with all but number 5. I believe sharing is voluntary. It should not be forced.

Sandra Brown-Bowman 1 year ago

Oh wow, I loved this!

Lynn 1 year ago

I do not understand how parents get so offended when you discipline their kids. Now I’m not saying hit them or insist on some crazy rule but I am always ok with saying what I think and expect other parents to do the same especially when safety comes into play. I was standing with my 10 month old on the play structure at the top of a slide and a little girl comes over and pushes her. I steadied my daughter and then the little girl tried to grab her eye ball. I reacted instinctively and grabbed her hand and said no we don’t poke eyes. The dad, who was 15 feet away basically ignoring his kids behavior, chose to make a big scene. I told him he was lucky my 3 year old was at the bottom bc if the roles were reversed (me at the bottom and her with her sister) his kid would likely have been pushed down the slide because big sister is very protective of “her” baby.

Sarah 1 year ago

It’s not so much fun being any type of mom, young, old, or the “sweet spot”. Someone always has unsolicited judgy advice. How about instead of bringing each other down, we go to another mom and say, “hey, would you like some help?” Good Lord I would give anything some days for someone to say that instead of pitying me for having 4 children. Heck, I might invite them back for wine. Every mom has time for wine. (unless your don’t drink, then we can do coffee)

Sarah 1 year ago

Here’s the thing you need to learn about mothers, who are already constantly worrying if they are doing the right thing or not raising their kids. If we want to know if our carseat is up to par or the right one (which my experience, with the new articles, it’s dependant on each child and vehicle. Which by the way, they don’t let you test drive carseats so you will automatically already fail at this. Right out of the gate!), we will ask you. GET OFF YOUR HIGH AND MIGHTY HORSE AND QUIT TELLING ME WHAT I’M DOING WRONG! I’m not telling you how to parent. Why? Because I could give a back door. I just want my kid to go play on the monkey bars and maybe scratch up a knee or two. Heck, aiming for a broken arm over here! At least I know my kid is getting a chance to be a kid.

Slowly Going Crazy 1 year ago

Spongebob has raised all 5 of my children (17,15,14,5,2) and they are just fine. Goofy, yes but fine.

Asha Tahir 1 year ago

I’ve had a couple of arguments with other moms 1 for grabbing my 2 year old for pushing a button in the lift I don’t care what he is doing keep ur hands of him

Nads Giroux 1 year ago

Love #10

Devon Raquel 1 year ago

I fuckin love reading ur articles

Deb Losee Cannon 1 year ago

Totally relate to all of these. I have 4 all at one school (k-8) and I constantly feel like I’m underachiever mom because I’m not doing enough. Yet when I volunteer or try to get involved in something, the queen bees swoop in to take charge and do it all. They don’t want help beyond their little group of other queen bee mom buddies. Seriously annoying. I now keep a low profile with most of the school moms. I sign up for the bare minimum so as not to be viewed as a total slacker then I’m like peace out.

Amanda Bodnaruk 1 year ago

If a mom ‘friend’ of mine started crying over SpongeBob, I would f’n laugh.

Laurel Eaton 1 year ago

Thank god my mom friends aren’t assholes!

Johanna Michelle Medina 1 year ago

If your child is being a little douche i will say something to them if the parent isn’t correcting their behavior…

Jackie Smith 1 year ago

Everyone’s a judgmental bitch now days! Get over yourselves

Christine Katz 1 year ago

This is hilarious. I love love love this page!

Susan Danneman Deering 1 year ago

I’m all about #1 if your kid is a jerk and shares that jerkiness with MY kids I’m gonna share my parenting with YOUR kid!

Sasha Rose 1 year ago

Seriously, though- THE SNACKS!

Katie Rubin 1 year ago

There’s no mention of the SERIOUS fighting and judging around circumcision, sleep training/CIO and breastfeeding/formula choice. THOSE topics will actually end friendships. But this article was much more lighthearted and fun :)

Wendy Mills Zitzman 1 year ago

I’ll happily confess to being the “Snack Judger” and “Lunchable Hater” mom.

Taylor Alvord Stewart 1 year ago

Wow this is so true. I’ve run into my fair share of parents who think their way is best. Shut up and do what works for your family and stay away from mine!

Holly Ahmed 1 year ago

Sallie Le Kym Champagne Ferguson Truett Brooks Shakeema Sanford Carol Dawson-Searles Ashley Spence Heather Sawyers

Keri Taylor 1 year ago

I think the whole who can yell at your child thing is a pretty good point I don’t care if my child is acting up you can yell at them or tell them no but don’t expect me to raise your children either if your child is being a brat and I tell you about it don’t tell me to deal with it if I’m coming to you its because I already told them to stop and they didn’t and it’s time for an ass whoopin

Kelly 1 year ago

Whoa! Mean girl, aisle 3!

Kristen Suddarth Mattson 1 year ago

Only #10 has ever brought out my claws. I hate that passive-aggressive bs

Should-be-working 1 year ago

I’m envious. I have been asked, multiple times: “Weren’t you afraid of the statistics at being an older mom?”; “Wouldn’t it have been better if you had had children earlier?”; and my all-time favorite, “I’ll bet you are really “grandma” and are raising your daughter’s child.” Yeah, not so much fun being an older mom sometimes.

Stacy 1 year ago

Best comment I’ve ever read on a blog. *applause*

Gen 1 year ago

#5: Laughing my ASS off! OMG!!!!!

Jhana 1 year ago

the freakonomcs guys have questionable study methods and have been debunked often. I would not take their conclusions as the definitive answer.

Dina Juarez 1 year ago

1) and 5)

Shanna Harter Miller 1 year ago

What’s wrong for one family may be right for another. At the end of the day, are you a happy mommy? Are your children happy? Cheers!

Melissa McCabe Cerda 1 year ago

I am pretty conservative too. And I am just not good enough for friends and family on any one of these things. But my kids are happy, healthy, and not glued to a screen 24/7. Haha!

Mindy Bowen Fernandes 1 year ago

Your forgot drive through pick up line at school. Ugh. When I lost my job and became a stay at home, it took exactly a week to get in a fight with another parent.

Melissa McCabe Cerda 1 year ago

Hahahahahaha!!!!! SO true on every single one!!!

Cassie Cheddar 1 year ago

I am personally pro-vaccination.

Amanda Lewis Tarter 1 year ago

Can’t stop laughing!

Tara Schoenberger 1 year ago

Lol. Sounds right.

Amanda Lewis Tarter 1 year ago

I’ll be honest I don’t get the HUGE sponge bob hatred! I’m uber conservative… But I’ve watched it… I don’t get how this is an actual mom issue?

Patricia Bernreuter 1 year ago

I am the mom who doesn’t care what the other moms think….I do what I do.

Cat Furniss 1 year ago

See, that’s fairly sensible. Teaching kids that sharing means surrendering everything you have isn’t helpful either :)

Sara Budzyn 1 year ago

It isn’t my philosophy: I force sharing! But they did have reasons.

Kelly Peace Ouellette 1 year ago

Number 5!!! That’s exactly how it would play out, lol.

Randi Salzman Renninger 1 year ago

when your older kid kicks my kid, younger by two years, off her bike, not once but twice, and you sit on your fat ass and don’t say better believe I’m gonna tell your brat kid to leave my kid alone. you give me shit about saying something to your effing bad..real story

Carly Price 1 year ago

I also have a resting bitch face and tattoos. Lol. Maybe that’s why I haven’t come across 95% of these.

Carly Price 1 year ago

Tara Schoenberger #1? Lol! I think it’s the only one that we’re guilty of.

Heather 1 year ago

I’m only now pregnant with my first, but I’ve already had one family member tell me I’ll be doing this parenting thing wrong. I believe the exact phrase was, “oh, I can just tell you’ll be one of *those* parents who runs to grab your kid if she’s going to fall down a flight of stairs.”

Um, yes, yes, I probably will be.

Sara Budzyn 1 year ago

Is that The Last Unicorn in your photo? Love it!!!

Helen Russo 1 year ago

OMG, breast feeding was the hardest thing I’ve ever done!
BTW, unless you’re putting pop in your 6 month old’s bottle, I don’t give a flying fig how you feed YOUR baby!

Helen Russo 1 year ago

My group is like that…it may be because the YOUNGEST is 37ish, but it is nice

Jessica Richards Paolini 1 year ago

This is a good one.

Helen Russo 1 year ago

Yeah, you might as well just erase always and never from your vocabulary the minute you see the ++ sign 😉

Helen Russo 1 year ago

I’m the older one too, WAY older. I’m the same, unless a mom asks me specifically!

Jessica Wegrzynski Barone 1 year ago

I’ve been extremely fortunate to not have these issues with my mom friends. Maybe I’m just blissfully oblivious to strangers and their opinions to worry…. I could’ve wrong

Nathalie Hart 1 year ago

Holy crap!! I’m in for it! “Be prepared” is right!!

Shona Buddy 1 year ago

How about the mum who thinks there kids is the next Einstein or whatever..ok we all love our kids but the fact he can shit in the toilet a few months before normal doesn’t make him super gifted. I use to love what George carlin used to say” no one cares about your kids….that’s why there your kids so you can care about them”

Shona Buddy 1 year ago

What complete cu*nts

Kelly Mundell 1 year ago

Some of these are soo great!

Kelly 1 year ago

OMG number 4 – stroller real estate! Just last week I get on a local bus, which is a really small one as it always seems to be when there’s a million-and-five people waiting to get on, and park in the wheelchair/pram bay (no one was in a wheelchair). I’d been waiting for the bus for about 15 minutes. This other girl, her mother and her sister get on and have to park their pram in a different part of the bus… and proceed to flash me evil eyes for the 20 minute journey. VERY awkward!

Angela 1 year ago

I would not be ok with someone getting on to either of my kids. I am there parent and I can handle it. But also I keep up with my own kids so there hasn’t been an issue like this for me. I also don’t give advice about what others should do unless asked. We all raise our own kids how we feel is best. I will however let a parent know if their kid is getting out of control so they can handle it. To many people worry about things that don’t really matter like what you feed your kid. Smh.

Danielle Kingston Fry 1 year ago

Number 1. I yelled at a kid who hacked a lugi in his little sisters hair. His parents just gave me a dirty look, whatever, your kid is a little shit. Just be glad he didn’t spit on my kid…

JA 1 year ago

Huh. I was not even aware that Lunchables and Spongebob were bad. I have an almost 4 year old who indulges in both daily. She’s eating meat AND cheese? HALLELUJAH! Big step up from only pasta noodles in my house! She got ten minutes of Spongebob and wasn’t hitting, biting, coloring on the walls with sharpie, or mashing playdoh into the carpet. Win? I THINK SO.

The only “fight” I’ve ever had with a mommy was when I was potty training, and she was wearing Minnie Mouse undies. Another mom (who I don’t even know and was sitting next to me telling me how her 4 year old reads on a 5th grade level while I watched him eating his shirt and threatening all the other kids with a baseball bat) informed her that “if she tinkles on Minnie, it might drown her, and then she’ll never see her again.” WOW. I asked her what the FUCK she was thinking. She told me “we don’t use that kind of language.” I picked up my kid and left.

Julie Vaughn Kollstedt 1 year ago

#1 so true. #5 hilarious!!!

Dina Sowers-Utter 1 year ago

This is hilarious, and so true lol

Melissa 1 year ago

#3. My now 22 year old (well adjusted, almost RN) knew every word to “Baby’s got back” at 3…..Uhhhh, guess I messed her up badly. RELAXXXXXX- have fun, teach right from wrong and to respect others choices, above all teach them to live in the real world so they aren’t shocked, scared, rebellious, judgmental, or paralyzed by reality when it’s time for them to stand on their own two feet. :)

Kim 1 year ago

I love your posts! It’s like you read my mind and look deep into my sarcastic non-super mommy soul.

Jennifer Hallameyer 1 year ago

Yes yes a thousand times yes!

Denver Sutton 1 year ago

I’m surprised playground battles weren’t on here. I suppose mine might fall under if you’re allowed to discipline other kids. I had enough with this one kid trying to push my kids off of a 6ft bridge, putting his foot on my 1 yo’s head in an attempt to push him down a slide, and force feeding my son his grape juice, so I got onto him. OMG did that Mom freak out and yet it was her kid misbehaving.

Lisa Notarile Lawrence 1 year ago

Great response to an “I would never” mom is to turn to them and say “I would never butt my nose into someone else’s business unless they asked”.

Melinda Seibel Felton 1 year ago

Each one of those….sad that parenting feels like a competition. No one should tell anyone what they’re doing wrong.

Binkies, cartoons, sports, vacations, naughty words, coddling, manipulating, birthday parties, haircuts….where do we stop?!?

Crystal Angelo 1 year ago

I’ve only encountered these types of moms on the internet. You know the types who use their keyboard like it’s made of dynamite.

Carolyn Fisher Latosinski 1 year ago

I work retail and I have no problem when kids are leaping off benches or running around like crazy telling them to please stop this isn’t a playground. And progressively saying it louder if needed. I have 3 grown kids and 2 grandchildren and it’s my job to make sure the shopping is good for all my customers, so if you’re not going to tell your kids to knock it off, I will!

Tania Muller Basson 1 year ago

And play groups (that moms set up to entertain themselves with as much as for their kids) it’s about how fancy the snack plate that you bring is, how you and your child are dressed and everything on this list comes up. Them the group splits into two groups of moms who wage war on one another. Pure delicious gossipy madness!

Kylie 1 year ago

Wow. You are rude. I am not judging anyone. And I wasn’t being mean. I just was putting info out there because a lot if people don’t know. And new info pops up all the time. And some people do care. If you don’t, fine. And I do have hobbies. Sorry I upset you. Those statistics upset me when I first heard them too.

Alyssa Winston Lester 1 year ago

I would add “sleeping methods/situations”!

Jerri 1 year ago

Don’t you know that there are studies proving that Spongebob actually lowers a child’s attention span, IQ points, yada freaking yada? /sarcasm

I let my son watch Spongebob too, from the time he was 2 until now (he’s almost 7.) It used to be his favorite cartoon but now he’s grown out of it and prefers other things. I honestly don’t see what the big effing deal is. I’m not letting him watch porn for God’s sake.

Melinda Hicks 1 year ago

You forgot pick up line etiquette. I watched two mom’s nearly get in a fist fight because one was blocking the pickup line (grr) and the other honked and the first one LOST HER MIND.

Susan 1 year ago

My son does Lunchables everyday as well, with fruit and a water. I would pack a veggie, but I know he is not going to eat, so I am not going to waste my time and money. He likes it, easy for this mama. Done. (And my 4 year old LOVES Spongebob as well)

Shannon Dixon 1 year ago

Hilarious! Yet so true….

Trish Conway 1 year ago

The discipline and sharing thing. I will totally throw down with a parent if they have a problem with someone else “parenting” their child. If your kid is going to act like an animal, I’ll stop it and tell you to take them somewhere else until they learn how to behave around other human beings. I have threatened to call animal control, offered them the number of a decent dog trainer, recommended leashes. I can be ruthless with shitty parents with bullies for children. As for the sharing bit–it’s just good manners. If you don’t want to share, don’t bring it out in public, and yes it often boils down to a political fight lol

Nina CV 1 year ago

Sharing one is hilarious…. and then we are fighting about Obamacare I’m dying here too funny!

Masha 1 year ago

I want to be your friend

MummyOfSeven 1 year ago

Damn, typo, *my* eight year old.

MummyOfSeven 1 year ago

Jeez, if she cried over Spongebob she’d be hospitalised if she found out some of the stuff mt eight year old watches!

Candi Mahook 1 year ago

Heck to the #1! Sometimes it’s much more effective!

Emily Sindt 1 year ago

Omg I HATE it when both of the parents are right there when their child hits, and don’t say a thing, but get defensive when you tell them to knock it off…sorry, but idgaf, I’ll discipline your child, if you’re not going to. (Btw, I have no problem with someone telling my son to act right if I don’t see it).

Jennifer Duffy 1 year ago

My only issue with #1 is, did you give the mom a chance to handle the situation first before jumping in? Several times other adults are SO quick to correct my son before I am even able to open my mouth to do it myself

Cassie Cheddar 1 year ago

The only mom fight in which I’ve ever participated concerns vaccinations (yeah I went there)!

Nancy Welker Fortais 1 year ago

I “liked” this page two days ago and have nodded my head so much reading your articles that I’m going to have whiplash! Number 10 struck a chord for me. I am a working mom- a teacher. I love my job and honestly- I get to work a job that is satisfying and be there for my kids, too. I am very fortunate. Years ago I had a “friend” who was, like me, a new mom. She also had joined the “only bad mothers work and let strangers (daycare providers) raise their children” bandwagon. One day she was on her usual rant about this. Another friend was at the dinner party- this friend was also a teacher and mom of two- one of whom was starting a pre-med degree. She looked at this woman- mid- tirade and said “my girls were in daycare from the time they were two months old and they turned out just fine”. Thanks Jennifer O. –
wherever you are- for
stopping that conversation dead in it’s tracks. We all do what is best for ourselves, our children and our families!

Kelly Brett 1 year ago


Julie Hamilton 1 year ago

HAHAHAHA and suddenly it’s a fight about obamacare

Claudia Mueller 1 year ago

Great one!

Linda Nicely 1 year ago


Jen Ely 1 year ago

Lmao! I love this page!

Jamie Hammer Markus Voegler 1 year ago

This article is so funny and made my day!

Lindsey Diana Bennight 1 year ago

I have nine neices and nephews that spend tons of time at my house plus my own two, from the get go I always tell parents (even my sisters!) that if they leave their kids at my house I’m going to discipline them how I see fit (although I’m not going to spank anyone else’s kids) especially my neices and nephews they are my other children lol it takes a village and my every one who my son hangs out with knows if he’s being bad put him in the corner or get on to him worse yet I’ll give you his dads number threaten to call him and he will straighten up real quick! I want my son to grow up with respect for all adults not just me! (Although I do teach him that just because an adult says it’s ok and you know it’s bad doesn’t mean you do it!)

Lindsay 1 year ago

Then we would get along famously! I get so sarcastic people don’t realize I’m being that.

Helen Russo 1 year ago

I’m TOTALLY #1! Though, thankfully I’ve never been in a fight about it.
Except once, and that wasn’t a “real” fight. We were next door at a neighbor’s when my dd was horsing around said neighbor’s friend’s new car. I, course, told mine to he careful and told the friend it was fine to get after her if need be.
UNTIL this woman tells my then 3 or so yo that “if you’re bad, I’ll take you and leave you at the prison where I work and let the mean men deal with you.” Or something to that effect. I didn’t say anything at the time as it didn’t register ANYONE would say something so awful to a child.
The next day, I told my neighbor what her friend had said, she was as floored as me and said she’d talk to her.
She must have because that bitch has never said boo to me or my daughter since whenever we’ve been at the same events.

Pamela Waling 1 year ago

Love this! So spot on!

Cindy 1 year ago

That one bugged me too. It said that carseats make no difference in death results, but it did not address any reduction in injuries.

Chrissy Lawlis 1 year ago

#9 carseats

Lesa Petre-Pierce 1 year ago

OMG hilarious! Sooooo glad I don’t have to go through that again- but I did have a friend who was each of those in public but never followed through in private–why???? She was crazy toxic anyway

Carmen Gonda 1 year ago

You forgot to include natural to c section birth if you don.t know the reason then keep option to yourself…..had people tell don.t bond with your child.if you have surgery.are you frigging kidding me…guess saving babies nothing..!!!!!!

Jennifer Meekins 1 year ago

Forgot vaccinations and working vs stay at home mom…

Jennifer Kleinsorge Szarejko 1 year ago

This made me laugh! So true.

Michelle 1 year ago

You really want to piss a carseat mommy off? Mention the study done by the Freakonomics authors which shows that over age 2, a carseat makes no difference in accident results. Go ahead, google it, I dare you. :)

Linda Sadler Pritz 1 year ago

Love This Writter!

harriet 1 year ago

Precisely why this article was written. Get a different hobby you creepy tragedy whore.

Suzanne Dalena English 1 year ago

Oy, other parents will be my demise. And thier kids. Mine is far from perfect but i let her be her and get involved when needed. .. i hate public parks. In my area its not even parents it is the damn nannies. I had one tell me that my kid was super unsocialized and rude. Haha i asked her really and the kid you keep is almost three (mine was a year younger at time) she wouldn’t say car just vroom, called nanny mom, when my kid came up stairs she pushed her down and wouldnt play well with others. This same lady recognized me recently and asked if my child has gotten help. I whipped around and told her to shut her mouth. My kid loves everyone, very social. She is also 4 in kindergarten and has manners. The lady looked surprised as hell. I told her if she talked to me again she wouldn’t like the outcome.

Maggie Cowan 1 year ago

This is why I’ve quietly backed away from mom “support” groups. And yeah, support is in quotes for a reason.

Anne Carlson-Zyats 1 year ago

Irony is when you say you don’t care what other parents do and also say that you will tell another parents kid when they are being a dick. Basically when you notice and say something about how other parents are failing it’s just to save ourselves from the dicks they are raising. Less dick kids = less adult assholes no? And of course Everyone but you is an asshole. Isn’t that nice? Pfft.

Kristie Knab 1 year ago

All of the above and then some. Don’t think my mother sees me as being a good mom at all.

Savannah Soule 1 year ago

Texting w.a child in ur hands is hard lol

Michele Doherty 1 year ago

So true!!

Savannah Soule 1 year ago

AMEN! MIL stay away from me, she is the judgy one about how I raise my own kid…. her kids are the ones in therapy and have major health issues due to stress I’m about to go that way myself good thing my mom is laid back and respects my patenting otherwise I’d agianst buts

Taylor Rome 1 year ago

1 and 5. Ugh. I understand sharing it is something every child should learn while growing up but if he doesn’t know you or your kid and it’s his and your kid just walks up to my kid and yanks it out of my kids hands…Oh HELL No! If you were looking for crazy, it just reared it’s ugly head and if you don’t want to step in and handle your child’s behavior that’s your problem. Don’t expect me to like or appreciate that your child feels they are entitled to any and every toy they come in contact with.

Amy Amy 1 year ago

All of them

Kylie 1 year ago

Mine will only eat cheese!

Victoria Goldstein 1 year ago

Don’t feed my kid and everything else will be just fine

Justine West Osborne 1 year ago

I love repranding other kids on the playground.

Kylie 1 year ago

I’m glad I’m not the only one! That voice it horrible! I hated it in the third grade! Lol

Aerin Gunn 1 year ago

I was a perfect mother until I had a kid.

Jeanette79 1 year ago

I like to laugh it off when I feel I’m being judged. Recently one woman was not-so-subtly suggesting that my DD should not have a soother and kept trying to pull it from her mouth. I could have been angry but I made a joke that basically told her to F off, and my daughter swatted at her when she tried to pull at her soother (stiffled some laughs when this happended). This was a mom with grown kids BTW, so #8 on this list.

Irene Amaya 1 year ago

Oh gosh the one with parent’s not letting their kid not share yet it’s the opposite they start going mama bear bitching…makes me want to my eyes out.

Stephanie F-s 1 year ago

Number 7. Stop trying to sell me shit or make me sell your shit for you.

Alicia Fraser Stanley 1 year ago

It seems like these fights happen a lot more over Facebook/text message too. Just in my limited experience. :)

Dara 1 year ago

Oh my goodness, the car seats! If you don’t do things this exact way, it’s like CPS should be called on you. Oy.

Liberty Kyle 1 year ago

This is great

Katie Owen Bohling 1 year ago

Oh, I think I know all of these….my least favorite is Cleopatra, who is Queen of Denial (De Nile) & her angel baby who never hits anyone & I must have misunderstood because there’s no way her Angel just punched my kid even though I was standing there watching it happen!

Amber Beatty 1 year ago

That’s sad about the shut in mom because. You were breast feeding noone should ever make you feel like that.. I breastfeed also i use a cover if anyone say s something to be they will hear it. If my babies hungry he will get feed wherever we are.. if women can walk around half naked i can feed my baby

Becky Whitton 1 year ago

#9 extended rear facing is hot topic for some moms. Omg u turned ur kid around & he’s only 1yr. Im like ya the law says its ok to at 1yr & 20 lbs. Bit some moms r like oh my child is still rear facing & he’s 3. I just lol at that shit

Jess Lynne 1 year ago

Had a mom outright attack me repeatedly over vaccines. After many emails asking me if I had “finally” decided to agree with her, she got blocked. She also publicly shamed me for not sharing her views and spent several hours discussing me with other people.

Suzy Weinberg Snyder 1 year ago

Dealt with number 1. It is usually the parent who never watches there child and has no idea what they are doing. They are never around when there kid is being mean, but the minute you say something to there child they get mad and say how dare you reprimand my child. Well I would not have to if you were watching your little shit yourself. UGH!

Suzanne Voltage 1 year ago

Yes! Actually worth reading pls have 12 babies and take them to the fair in a 12 baby stroller and act like I need to stand to the side for an hour

Kristen McClean Nguyen 1 year ago

This is a awesome read! It’s happens all the time though and it’s sad.

Angelo N Aimee 1 year ago

Aaaaaand this is why I’m an introverted mom! Lol meanwhile I have 3 boys and 2 of them are social butterflies. Thank God their dad is, too 😀

Elisabeth Balderree 1 year ago

Ugh, #7.

Cat Furniss 1 year ago

Are there seriously parents who don’t approve of sharing? These are presumably the people whose kids grow up to be entitled, greedy, selfish and ultimately miserable because happiness is a shared commodity too?

Babyruth Bryant 1 year ago

Other moms usually don’t bug me. I’m 6ft tall and weigh about 280, and my friends tell me I always have an intimidating look on my face (not purposefully, I don’t TRY to look like that, just the way it is I guess). Anyways, my point is other moms never say anything to me :)

Faith Thompson 1 year ago

I didn’t read it. I just wanted to say I love the stock photo for this. Who takes these pictures? I’m cracking up.

Roxanne Ford 1 year ago

Also, what’s wrong with spongebob? I don’t understand?

Jason Corn 1 year ago

Women are insane…..especially once they have kids. That pretty much covers all of this.

Roxanne Ford 1 year ago

I think if you actually make the effort to conversate with other mums and stop being defensive about your parenting skills, it isn’t that bad at all. No one has ever said I’m doing anything “wrong” but have suggested other ways to do things. I simply say that what I am doing is working for us, but if it ever stops I have another option to try.
I know I am doing my best and what I think is right, what do I care if other people say otherwise. And people must just be nicer here, I’ve crashed into another stroller with mine before, no bad feelings. Just a simple “sorry” and carry on.
I personally like the company of other mums more than childless people.

Ashley Kemp 1 year ago

The car seat debate makes me cringe!

Melissa Green Smalling 1 year ago

Spot on as always :)

Becca Evans 1 year ago

All I want is mom peace! Like a “imagine all the motherrrrs, living for everything being ok, ooohooo…”

Amy Hatzigiannis 1 year ago

Love this, especially #7. I would add the “political activist” parent who is trying to get you to go to any one of their hundreds of protests or sign their petitions. Oye vey!

Diana Taylor Preston 1 year ago

I loathe the “I could NEVER” moms.

Kylie 1 year ago

This is the difference maker I think. I haven’t had anyone try to discipline my kid. Which I don’t think I would really like. But I’m always right there to do it myself. If I wasn’t I wouldn’t be upset with someone telling her no .

Coleen 1 year ago

OMG this was SO spot on!! The sad thing? Even when your kids are on the edge of adulthood — ie 17 years old — this stuff is a problem. Snacks are STILL an issue!! WTH??

Shannon Kidd 1 year ago

I avoid other moms like the plague. my Parent teacher volunteer time is take home work, and out side of a few family friends I dont deal with other parents unless i need to meet them for some kid event.

Linda McHunter 1 year ago

Number one goes on forever by the way and gets way worse as the drama of the teen years hits.

Julie Anderson 1 year ago

I’ve never had any fights with other moms mostly because I don’t care about their opinion of my parenting so if it gets offered I shut it down real quick. Makes life a lot easier, happier and less drama. Just think if everybody minded their own business

DeAnn Mieritz Wornson 1 year ago

#1…if your kids being a little shit and you are not going to stop it…I will! Bring it on!

Pellie 1 year ago

Add to list: Breastfeeding, jar baby food, co-sleeping and pretty much everything. I have seen fights over it all. We all parent differently and no person’s way is better than another’s. We all do what is best for our family. Instead of fighting over every difference, let’s all celebrate the fact we all are Moms and have beautiful children.

Kathy Nelson Reed 1 year ago

Number 10. Both my daughters have been through daycare..that was our necessity. We were involved the whole way through…
I can think of one specific “friend” from high school that judged the hell out of me with “I can’t imagine letting someone else raise my child.” Yet, she enlisted the help of others while she worked…

Heather Pearson 1 year ago

Just wait until they start playing sports. You’ll learn a whole new terrible world of crazy moms!!

Crystal Arenas Morin 1 year ago

It’s amazing to me how catty moms can be towards each other. They’re worse than high school girls sometimes. Moms should be supporting each other!!

Kylie 1 year ago

Actually a huge deal. The only one I do say something about. Always nicely though. Car accidents are the number 1 killer of kids/babies. If properly restrained they have less than 1% chance of death. I’m not the kind of person who likes confrontation at all, but I can’t walk away from that. If anyone wants to learn more watch Joel’s story on YouTube or check out the Facebook group car seats for the littles.

Sue 1 year ago

Love this entire article, can relate to running into all these situations

Monica Whitney 1 year ago

#4 is so annoying. I don’t move for anyone who won’t say “excuse me” regardless of whether they’re pushing a stroller or not. Looking at me silently with a scowl? Nope. Use your words.

Katii Sapp-Lessick 1 year ago

My 4 year old isn’t allowed to watch certain shows yet (Spongebob is one of them, we told him he has to turn 5), but that’s me! I would NEVER push my parenting choices on others! Every kid is different too! Maybe their kid is more mature than mine and can handle Spongebob without spazzing out! After how other parents (and non parents with opinions, those piss me off the worst!!!!!!) made us feel when we chose to sleep train or when I couldn’t breastfeed….. I would never ever do that to someone else.

We need to support each other, this ish is HARD.

Cali Stern 1 year ago

Vaccines….don’t get me started!

Melissa Coyne 1 year ago

#10 is the WORST!

Katie Spencer 1 year ago

#10… I get mad just thinking about it.

Carley Anne 1 year ago

I didn’t have fights with other moms until my daughter got to school, then all hell broke loose. One mom stopped speaking to me because we had a conversation over whether or not I would want my daughter to be gay (I said better a lesbian than dead by suicide, apparently for her, dead was better than her son being bay), then I got in an argument with the parent rep over Halloween treats at the Halloween party (I was volunteering to bring witches hat cookies, she told my I was giving my child diabetes by giving her that much sugar and that her pancreas would thank me later for the healthier snacks) and last but not least the group of moms that held a secret meeting with the teacher without my knowledge or consent to organize carpooling for my daughter so she wouldn’t have to walk to school in the winter…we literally live up the street from the school. Like if you step outside the door and look, you can see the school. According to these moms, I was subjecting my daughter needlessly to the Canadian winter.

Aimee Hempy-De La Cruz 1 year ago

None of those but: Breastfeeding and Work out of the home/Stay at home. When my son was four months old, I became single and had extra time and found a lovely website for moms that really helped me through his first four years of life. I was completely shocked and mortified tho at the arguments I had with moms on opposing sides of my above-mentioned 2 issues. I’m shaking just remembering them and those were 10 years ago. I have since learned to just butt out and let others argue over those two topics because I can’t handle it. I get nowhere when I try to back my side and it is just too much for my sensitive soul!

Linda Kendall-Thompson 1 year ago

Mental moms. As a freshman my daughter befriended a girl whose mother was obsessed in matching her up with the boys she dated. Turned their backyard shed into a Teen love shack. Of course my kid didn’t tell me everything until we caught the girls lying about their overnight plans and staying out all night with a couple of boys. Once I found out, I confronted the mother that gave the kids permission to drive around town all night, and asked for the boys parents phone numbers because they needed to know too. She freaking wigged on me because “that boy is my daughter’s best prospect.” Fifteen yr old kids and she is talking about prospects! My husband and I backed away fast from that whackadoodle!

Stephanie 1 year ago

I bet they don’t fight about these things in Alaska, where entire communities have to work together just to survive the winter. We’ve gotten so spoiled and so complacent, giving us all the time in the world to judge everyone’s everything. Makes me sad. It’s still funny, though.

Abbey Gizzi 1 year ago

Do any of you awesome moms live in South Florida?! I need some awesome mom friends. :)

tammy 1 year ago

I don’t mind others telling my kid no or to stop doing something, I do have a problem with when I am telling my kid to stop or no, and telling them they’ll have to sit out for a few mins if they don’t stop and another person chimes in, umm I got this, so go handle your kid

Lisa Pennington 1 year ago

9. With my male cousin. Simply told him he shouldn’t turn the seat forward facing. He’s very young and kinda reckless with his own life and doesn’t like to be told so he went a little off.

Sessa Daily 1 year ago

Haha, love the start “Of course, that all changed as I started to make more and more friends, and realized that the problem wasn’t moms, it was assholes, and just made a point not to make friends with assholes.”

Julie Ann Cook 1 year ago

The never ending vaccine debate

Sara O’Brien Farmer 1 year ago

Yep. I’ve corrected other people’s kids when it became clear they weren’t going to do it. They looked at me like an adult had never corrected them or spoken to them in a less than pleasant voices.

L 1 year ago

I know a lot of women who can breastfeed, hated it and stopped. There should be no judgement. You do what is best for you, your baby and family. I honestly don’t get why moms don’t support each other. I have two teenagers. No one cares if they were breastfed!

LoRae Cox 1 year ago

I think this stuff all gets better when the kids start getting big…for one I think a person can only live with the pressure for so long until one day you just freak out and say fuck you you stuck up douche bag bitches! And you realize what they think DOESN’T MATTER and what matters is your happiness and your children’s. And besides, there’s only so much a person can do to prevent spongebob and lunchables and then you send them to school, lol, where all that gets ruined by other kids. I think the people who go around judging other parents rather then keeping thier nose where it belongs are sad. They have no confidence. They need to find someone who they figure is worse then they are and make some kind of a deal out of it just to justify to themselves thier own failures…they do it to boost thier ego. And to be honest I’d rather have the kids watch spongebob then learn to be an intolerant jerk.

Steffi Gilfillan 1 year ago

I cant stand the breast vs formula feeding debate, i bf my son and im proud that he’s doing so well on it but there are times when im almost ashamed to admit to it because of the self righteous attitude some bf’ing mums have and how condemming they are of those who choose/use formula irrespective of their reasons. A lot of bf’ing mums ive spoken to will say how much more difficult it is, personally the thought of messing around with bottles at all hours of the night while a baby is crying to be fed or having to plan out the day a head and make sure provisions are neither too excessive or meagre would be far more challenging.

Cassi Sherman Henes 1 year ago

Lol! Great post. Also, I’m disciplining myself not to read any of the comments, so that I stop feeling obligated to jump in and try to quell the bickering. Phew!

Erin Miller 1 year ago

I love these articels

Emily Gjertson Donakowski 1 year ago

It’s all fun and games until someone gets punched in the uterus.

Gemarla M. Babilonia-Gaskin 1 year ago

oh and birthdays on the same day!

Suzanne Mills-Houlberg 1 year ago

Once again scary mom rocks!

Aerin Gunn 1 year ago

The sharing thing. Dear lord. If a kid doesn’t want to share, you aren’t entitled to their shit. You probably don’t want to play with someone who doesn’t want to share anyway, so stop asking once they say no and find someone else to play with. If a kid doesn’t want to share a common toy/playground equipment at a public place or event, there will be words. Simple.

And multi-level marketing? I’ve only blown up about this once but because the other mom was being an entitled mooch with no reciprocity, but she was like that about everything.

Everything else is WTFE. We do how we do.

Donna Schmieder Spedaliere 1 year ago

Thank goodness I never encountered moms like this.I have three children 2 in elementary school so I can safely say I’ve been around the mom circuit for a while now.

Lish Dish 1 year ago

Lol!!!!!…. I can relate to it all!!!

Paige 1 year ago

I hate those moms! I bf for 6 weeks before I dried up & even in those 6 weeks I had to use formula to supplement. Do I want to have this conversation to every person I meet.. no. Even now at 3 months people still all why I don’t bf. I just say it didn’t work out. Some people have replied well I bf until age or babies should really be fed until age. My favorite. .. my mil- my baby should be eating the good stuff, formula is so bad, etc… not only did she criticize the bf/formula. .. but she said my baby. Which I can not stand. I might be being dramatic or sensitive or extreme but I don’t care. It took me years of miscarriage before I had my son. I had a pregnancy from hell. & I gave birth to him. I worked hard, no one else. He is my baby. Anyone that says my baby in relation to my son is automatically on my shit list. & it’s more people then you’d think.

Stacy Hebein 1 year ago

1,3, & 10 and I have no shame!

Sarah Grehan 1 year ago

Go easy I’ve seen people write, well have two kids to under 3, one with special needs and see how far your patience gets you when some snot is pushing your kid around.

Kami Fox-Varela 1 year ago

Oh, and number 1, yes. I’ve had experience with that. More than a little.

Leslie Tidwell 1 year ago

Oh heck yeah on #1. And regarding #2, I must confess I’ve spent WAY too much time wringing my hands over the type of snack to bring my son’s soccer team. Ugh!

Dana Marie Cain 1 year ago

I was a navy wife when my kids were little and I made a point to limit my exposure to other mothers and their children. It was just easier that way. I rarely approved of the way other people parent and I’m sure this didn’t approve of me, so I kept my distance.

Rebecca Patten 1 year ago

Nope. Not one of those ever.

Sarah Grehan 1 year ago

I happilly yell at other peoples kids, my eldest is 3 and autistic and other kids her age can be judgmental, annoying shits. If your kids gonna be a pushy little fucker and bargeass around, well then they will hear about it. Go eat shit if you haven’t tought your child about society and manners.

Lisa Wilson 1 year ago

#4. At the zoo. And the stroller was empty. Lady went nuts. Still can’t figure it out.

Nicole 1 year ago

Yeah, I think you totally misread that. I was 39 when my son was born. Pretty sure she meant older mom’s w older kids who think they know it all.

Jocelyn Archaski 1 year ago

I don’t have a problem with other adults saying something to my child if they are throwing sand or behaving in a way that negatively affects other people….and I either don’t see it or haven’t reached them yet to say something. However, keep your hands off my kid and don’t scold them for not having the kind of posture that you prefer. There’s a line.

Laura Turk Essex 1 year ago

I had parents in my GS troop tell me I was a bad mom for allowing my daughter to go to resident camp..

Amanda Segit Jones 1 year ago

I am always amazed that with all the serious crap going on this world mom’s have time to worry about this stuff!!!

LeAnn Nielsen 1 year ago

My daughter is allowed Sponge Bob. But I have to turn it off when others kids (other parents with weak dispositions) come over.

Michelle Thelen Schmitt 1 year ago

# 1 and I’m not ashamed. If no one else wants to keep the in line, well…

Debra Burdick-Hinton 1 year ago

I strongly believe moms need to stick together. Let’s give each other a break and the benefit of the doubt. So easy to judge based on the small moment of time we are in each other’s lives, you never know what challenges each other faces at home, let’s play nice and offer support not judgement. Being a parent can be lonely so let’s night make others feel unwelcome.

Renee Nicole Owens 1 year ago

MLM moms! Ahhhhhh

Emily Lukingbeal Stepp 1 year ago

That one was really funny!

Caryn Richard Tanner 1 year ago

Thanks for the laugh. People take parenting too seriously sometimes. If you can’t laugh about it, you are screwed!

Jennifer Kuba 1 year ago

Love this.

Angie Germann 1 year ago

Or the debate over daycare and staying home. Not all mom’s can.

Cinthya Aleman 1 year ago

I think after my third kiddo I have calmed down a bit… We moms need to cut each other some slack 😉

Cali Stern 1 year ago

Number one for sure! My neighbor has the balls to yell at my kids for anything and everything but when I yell at hers to get out of the street because a cars coming or other things that are potentially life threatening she flips out!! The last time she yelled at my daughter for kicking her brat because he shoved her to the ground was the last time she’s ever yelled at my kids!

Desiree DeStefano-Cuevas 1 year ago

I must be too antisocial…none of these really relate

Traci Snyder 1 year ago

She missed the biggest one i have come across and this especially occurs online…the breastfeeding/formula feeding debate. Omg i have been appalled at the things moms say to other moms. Reguardless of ones choice whether its by choice or some health reason…at least the baby is being fed and nourished. I have never seen so many people get bent out of shape about how other moms feed their kids. I say lets be supportive of each other because Lord knows this mom bit is not an easy job!

Kami Fox-Varela 1 year ago

I have a new love: this mom.

L 1 year ago

I know a few moms who are notorious for disciplining others people’s kids but throw a fit if anyone tries to reprimand their little monsters. It is ALWAYS the other child/parent/teacher/tree’s fault. These are the same parents that go to the playground, chat with the other moms, and never watch their kids.

Liz Kennedy Wiechert 1 year ago

#1 gets me the most. I will tell you right now I am telling your kids not to throw sand, to be more careful around the little kids, share the swings, sit forward in your seat, please fix your manners/volume/language etc. As long as adults are not mean in their disciplining/guidance and as long as they are remaining neutral among the kids including their own adults should be able to be adults around children. We are not instilling respect for grown-ups or authority by not allowing other adults to say “no” or “fix your behavior” to our children.

Jocelyn Archaski 1 year ago

Let us not forget the parents who spoil their asshole kids….like the boy who punched my son in the face at the playground then ran to his mommy and insisted he didnt. My son was standing there crying next to me and there were several witnesses, but the mother said oh no, he would tell me if he did that. That’s WORTH fighting over.

Yolie Lizarraga Leòn 1 year ago

Been a mom since 1995…and I’ve yet to experience the battles….maybe it’s my chronic bitch face & tattoos that instantly defuse any bs some mom’s might want to bring my way

Maureen Delaney Prestianne 1 year ago

10 for sure.. Never say never!! You never know!!

Amy Gardner-Beckwith 1 year ago

We cant all be perfect parents.
I would love to take the perfect parent syndrome and shove it up a few parents a$$es.

Diane Avery Van Handel 1 year ago

You are too funny! Wish you were my neighbor!

Brenda Adler 1 year ago

The worst though is when other parents decide that every minor transgressions has to go from their kid, to them, to you, to your kid. It makes small issues into way bigger issues then they need to be. Really if your kid wants a turn on something, or doesn’t want to play tag, or has some minor issue and they’re older than say 5 then tell them to tell the other kid themselves. This isn’t a union grievance!

The last time this happened it was after a girl dumped a bucket of water on my son so he shot her with a water gun. It turned into 30 minutes of drama “Why did he shoot me with the water gun, daddy” ad nauseum (he kept saying he didn’t know), then daddy came and asked us to ask our son not to shoot her anymore, so we went over and told our son who basically asked why she didn’t just tell him she didn’t want to play and why did she dump water on him if she didn’t want to be part of the water gun fight. The second time (after the waterguns were put away ran “too close to her”) it was really hard not to say loudly enough to be overheard “Don’t play with that girl anymore, her family is crazy” or what I really wanted to say “I know it looks like that girl is older than you but you need to treat her like she’s a toddler” (my kids know toddlers need more space, more gentleness, and above all that if they take something or do something annoying you have to be very calm when you talk to them because they don’t understand what they did is wrong and that you can ask their parent for help because they are little and really little kids are still learning the rules)

Candace Bartel 1 year ago

Speaking of lunchables, I can’t serve my child anything that has cheese in it. What kid hates cheese??? Ummm mine. How weird! I love cheese!

Michelle Nesheim Williams 1 year ago

#10 —- amen!

Laura Sauer 1 year ago

“And then suddenly it’s a fight about Obamacare.” BAHAHAHA!

Stephanie Goga Kohlmeyer 1 year ago

Sadly most of these I am familiar with. Especially the one about reprimanding a friends child. True story. I once agreed to watch a lady’s son after school while she took a six week consulting gig. One day John had a play date with a bunch of little boys and I caught this kid sitting on another child, had him in a head lock and was ramming his fist in the kids head. I was like WTH? Who even does that? So I made the boy stand in the corner and think about what he did. I told the mother about what her son did when she picked him up that day and she didn’t bring him back to my house because she told me I had no business reprimanding her child. Really lady?

Heather Samuelson Peterson 1 year ago

Good reminder to respect our differences and not judge when it comes to parenting.

Dot Whited McCumsey 1 year ago

SpongeBob is not allowed in my house. Only because the sound of his voice usually leads me to sharpening all the knives & scissors in the house.

Jennifer Whisler Resh 1 year ago

#7 How about the moms who are direct selling then verbally abuse you/shame you if you aren’t using their fabulous, overpriced product??!!

Megan 1 year ago


Mariah Renee Leigh 1 year ago

My son was put into a car seat without the chest clip pulled up while he was being watched by his grandmother. She sent me a picture and I posted it on instagram. Needless to say I was chewed up and spit out by other mothers, well after I told my mother in law about the strap. Frustrating to say the least.

Jennifer Grigsby 1 year ago

All so VERY true!!!

Momma Bish 1 year ago

YES, YES, AND YES!!! For me, the biggest fight is breastfeeding. I am not able to breastfeed… and because I would rather my child NOT DIE of starvation, I thought it would be best to give him formula. Lactivists were jumping out of freaking bushes at the park in tears when they saw that powdery substance hit tap water (holy hell, I know, I don’t use Evian… bite me) in my child’s plastic bottle (because you know if you don’t use glass or stainless steel, your child will turn into an effing wombat or some shit). Or the “Oh, well we are a breastfeeding family.” OR the well meaning pregnant lady who says, “Obviously, I’m going to breastfeed my child, so I don’t need bottles.” You effing moron. I hope her boobs fall off in a freak accident from standing too close to a microwave while she is heating up a metal object. And… that is where I stand on the issue.

Janette Henson George 1 year ago

#5. And quasi 6. We got more grief for not red shirting our oldest because “boys are slow” “he’ll hate you forever” blah, blah, blah (he’s fine, btw. Heh).

Brianne De Leon 1 year ago

I have been mom a decade now and never had an incident like any of these! I agree this seems to happen more on the internet!

Sheryl Campbell Lemma 1 year ago

I’ll confess to being the “older mom,” but the only parenting advice I give is to tell parents of younger kids to stop obsessing so much. The kids are going to be fine. No one ever goes to college in diapers or still sleeps in your bed with you on college breaks. Relax already!

Tarra Pelletier Baron 1 year ago

Can I add to the list? Competitive moms! I have one go competes with me on everything!

Julie 1 year ago

Omg, you forgot baby carriers vs. the baby sling! I mean really! And if your kid is pushing other kids off the monkey bars and you yell at me for telling them to stop I’d say lady you better get a good attorney because some parent is going to sue the hell out of you and your little asshole if they hurt someone!

Bobbie Lawhorn Kirk 1 year ago

I like the “I would never” moms. Or “my kid would never” Yeah,okay. Have fun with that.

Beth Steffen 1 year ago

I got in an argument with another mom about how my 3 year old son is “inappropriate” because I’m a horrible person and allow him to pee out side. He is potty trained (she said he wasn’t), and when we’re playing out side, he gets to pee over by the bush. He knows where to go and what to do. And he’s 3. It’s not like he’s trying to pee in house plants. Sheesh. “I would never…” Great. I’m not you. If I was a boy, I’d pee outside too. lol.

Stephanie Cruickshank 1 year ago

I can’t believe you spend that much on your kids clothes. Don’t you ever save money. You aren’t going to be able to stay home when you have 3 kids, you spend too much. Rude and annoying, because my financial status is your business and you know how much we make as a family?!

Hannah Brown 1 year ago

#5. Bahah

Heather Bill 1 year ago

1,3,5,8, and 10…all with my sister…in my house. Needless to say, we don’t talk much anymore. :-/

Jackie Hickman 1 year ago

Ha ha!

Susan Hatton 1 year ago

Carseats.. dont mention it, strollers, i have a double but dont expect anyone to move,correcting my kid, do it just dont physically touch them and we be ok,and dont tell me how to,raise my kids or how im screwing them up, your not in anyway paying for them or their needs,nor do i give a rats ass how you feel

Heather Coleman 1 year ago

Hahahaha. Just the (true) chuckle I needed today)

Alli Finiasz 1 year ago


Amy Brewer 1 year ago

10’s my fav! It’s just…none yah. The end.

Ashley Pawley-Krywko 1 year ago

Somebody always feels the need to tell you how to take care of your own kids.

Jillian A Hajdasz 1 year ago

I have no problem telling kids to stop being jerks. Especially the kid pushing other kids down the slide at the pool and freaking them out while the grandparents act like their hooligan is a deity.

Cory Engler Kilgore 1 year ago

Hey. Mary Kay is fabulous and everyone should be using it!!

Judy Jones 1 year ago

I guess I’m lucky! I’ve pretty much found a great town where most of the moms really try to support one another and our individual choices. I really hope it continues!

Nicole Light 1 year ago

Also, just yesterday I told some kid at the splash park that he was extremely rude. He was playing with my sons bucket (my son had left it floating around in the wading pool) and when my son asked for it back, the kid threw a bucket of water right in my sons face from about 2 feet away. I walked up and told the kid that what he just did was really rude and that when someone asks for their toy back, you give it back and you definitely don’t throw water in their face. My son is 3 and this kid was about 6 or 7.

Tanya 1 year ago

Like Ashley said, don’t think she meant older moms with young kids, but moms with older kids who love to tell moms with younger kids what they are doing wrong. I had my first (and only) child a week before my 37th birthday because I struggled with infertility for 8 years, and I didn’t perceive anything offensive about what the author said.

Michell S. Limonthas 1 year ago

Naw, I make it clear that I don’t give two hoots about what other moms think. As long as your kids don’t touch mine, we are good.

Beth Lang 1 year ago

#10!!! Ugh I hate it! And honestly I hear that the most from women who don’t even have kids yet.

Rachel Ann Termini 1 year ago

I just remind people trying to give me parenting advice (on my 9 year old twin girls or my 2 year old daughter) that I have great relationships with all 3 of my already adult children and must have done something right!

Desiree Marie Paprota 1 year ago

The only time I will say something to a kid at a playground is if the kid is being mean to my kid…then I have no filter and if you are not doing your job as a “mom”..then I have to do MY job as a mom. :-)

Bernadette Harding Priest 1 year ago

Let’s also not forget the lactivists, intactivists and antivaxists. Hot button mommy issues.

Jennifer Schroeder 1 year ago

#1.. So much.. Had a mom tell me off because I nicely asked her son not to play with my friend’s purse. Crazy lady said she’d kick my ass if I corrected her son again.. Cocaine and meth.. Not even once, folks..

Brenda Adler 1 year ago

The biggest thing has to be the fact that I let my kids go more than 2ft away from me. Sheesh the freakouts “I would never let my kid be all the way over there”. “OMG you can’t see them behind that tree”. “I can’t believe you let him bike to the end of the path and back”. Sheesh people. I’m sure a mass group of pedophiles spawned behind the bushes without coming through the only two entrances to the park. Life is exactly like a video game.

I’ve had other moms get soooo mad when I say “Our rule is that if you bring it to the park you have to share it” (toys, not food). I never imply that anyone else should follow that rule, but that’s ours, and mainly because my kids bring 27 buckes or 16 cars and then wander away from them and would get annoyed when other kids started playing with them. Just no. There’s enough to share and you weren’t even playing with them so shuddup. Also it stops them brining things that they’re going to have a meltdown if they get broken or lost.

Also sheesh I had one mom seriously lose her shit just because I didn’t send my kids to preschool to “get them ready for kindergarten”. I didn’t know she cared so much when she asked. Anyway three days of her following me around the park every time she saw me at the park and lecturing about how many social skills her kid had learned and my kid needed to learn. Combined with the fact that her son started hitting mine and she would do nothing and we started going to a different park

Lacey Jones 1 year ago

Hahahaha and now its a fight about Obamacare. That got me in the feels. Lol it seems like as of late I have to watch my mouth no matter what I say because I am so tired of talking about Obamacare. Whats worse is its always those people who will disagree with you and keep arguing even when you say you agree with them.

Peggy McElhatton Kunz 1 year ago

My only issue is I don’t want to listen to moms telling me how their kids are setting the academic, athletic, and every other world on fire. My kid is just fine doing in what he’s doing, I’m proud of him and don’t need to tell the world how capable he is in EVERYTHING. I usually don’t let much get to me but THAT STUFF DOES…especially now that they’re getting older. I don’t have to sing my kids’ praises to people who pretty much wouldn’t care anyway, I feel like I’m not sharing how special the are with the works. Bit I’m not comfortable bragging either.

Personally, I prefer to let my kid work to beat his own records and not others. Oh well. I guess moms will be moms!!

Alicia Holz 1 year ago

I have a friend that believes in the whole paddle spanking and it’s ok since she doesn’t use your hand cause those are for love and she told me to do it to my 2 I almost lost it…I am not going to beat my kids

Tracey Hearn 1 year ago

It is my mission to avoid these situations and in three years, I have been successful 99.9% of the time :)

Darlene Sartin Sims 1 year ago

women, mothers especially, judge themselves more than enough…we don’t need to be judging each other…we are all just dancing as fast as we can, and sometimes we all stumble over our own feet….just let it go..and don’t hang around with judgmental buttholes….and don’t bring ur kid around me if u don’t want me to fuss at them for being a jerk…if I don’t see my kid being a jerk and you do, and you do nothing, then we are gonna fight…at the very least inform me…but id prefer it if u yelled at them , and then ratted them out to me…lol

Bernadette Harding Priest 1 year ago

The the moms that “care”, want to “educate” or just become belligerent that you aren’t doing it the “right” way and all give you their unsolicited commentary are the worst.

Katrina Crutcher 1 year ago

This is a good one. I was a judger before I had my son. Now I will only talk shit to my BFF about other people and their kids. Lol! It’s your kid do what you want, as she said, short of hauling off and knocking the crap outta them it’s no one else’s business!

Lorraine Lundqvist 1 year ago

Great job! So tiring isn’t it? Technology has also allowed the internet “troll” mom who is probably quiet in person but a dick online!

Jamaican Bacon 1 year ago

Love it.

Lauren Christine Snader 1 year ago

Who cares what other parents think I will feed my kids sugar if I want sorry but I has sugar growing up and I’m healthy

Lisa Primosic Williams 1 year ago

This post makes me appreciate the group of friends I have. We can tell each other’s kids to behave, support each other’s parenting decisions and we don’t judge each other. Now, if only the rest of the Judgey McJudgersons could do that.

Ashley 1 year ago

Pretty sure that’s not what she meant :) She was probably talking about mom’s whose children are mostly grown bagging on moms with young kids who are “doing everything wrong.”

Nicole Light 1 year ago

For the most part, I don’t have a problem with other people telling my kid not to do something. however, when I’m already saying something to him about it and someone else talks over me to give him shit, ya that pisses me off, and I have had that happen.

Melanie Candela 1 year ago

1&10. If a kid is out of line and not pulled up I will say something- especially if their parents don’t and it impacts on my kids. And 10- seriously- each to their own! I was a terrible mum- I formula fed! So many people would that! smh

Cassie Mullin 1 year ago

What’s wrong with Sponge Bob? My daughter loves Sponge Bob. She really doesn’t pay attention to the actual shows though. She really loves the songs.

Kim Hughes 1 year ago

Can’t stand the crazy moms. I’ve successfully managed to avoid being friends with any of my child’s friends moms and I’m happier for it.

Allison Chalk 1 year ago

I once told my (bitchy) cousin in law that car seats expire and her reply to me was “I did not spend 1000 f-ing dollars for my car seat to expire”. And she has hated me ever since!

Sarah Fritz-Maldonado 1 year ago

I don’t argue w/ other moms unless their seriously disturbed like crazy and not in the “normal” kind of crazy way

Ali Kelly 1 year ago

Genius. Every word is pure gold.

Rebekah Hinman 1 year ago

The only one that o ever argued about was a parent wanting her kid in no carseat at all while i drove….i was like really if your child flies around in here….he could smash my child……

Christine Alessandro Maggio 1 year ago

I could care less what others think anymore.. Both my kids love spongebob and are just fine. We watched looney tunes as kids and survived. And I agree with Keeva… I rarely encounter these arguments in real life lol

Christina Edwards 1 year ago

Sometimes I get sick of seeing moms judging each other. Why is it so horrible to parent your kids in a way that works best for you/your kids? There’s really only one requirement for being an awesome parent = loving your children unconditionally. Just because someone/something is different doesn’t necessarily mean it’s wrong.

Cindy Montgomery 1 year ago

lol sometimes I do stuff on purpose just as a way of laughing in the face of being judged. I also tend to get very sarcastic. “No, I don’t worry about what kind of carseat to use. See, there’s so many, and they keep changing the regulations and stuff so I’ve decided it’s better if I never take my child anywhere ever again.”

Elizabeth McCosky 1 year ago

I have been on the receiving end to some of these but other than number one never been the one dishing it out. I don’t care about others business enough to say something unless a child or someone is in real danger. I mean who am I to say if what you’re doing as a parent is right or wrong as long as you love and care for them.

Lovetoski 1 year ago

Well, I was mildly enjoying this, shaking my head up and down for several of these, until you got to part about ‘older moms’ being criticized for being ‘older moms’. What rock did you climb out from under, I’ve never been criticized for having infertility until I was 37. But thanks for throwing that in face this morning.

Marie Radtke Lewis 1 year ago

Love this!!!! My son is 20 months and loves giving hugs, when we go to the park he just wants to hug other children, thankfully no one has said anything nasty yet…

Keyra Feliz 1 year ago

Number 5… Deeply number 5!

Mary Schneider 1 year ago

Nope, can’t say I’ve ever actually argued with anyone about any of those things. lol My OWN kids, sure, but not other moms.

Jodi Hovatter 1 year ago

Confession: Lunchables every day here. My kids love them and they are so easy. I send a fruit and veggie with them….. And a Capri sun. Hey at least im feeding them

Marie Gautier 1 year ago

Never worth my time..I.stay away from those moms..bad news

Laura Bruce 1 year ago

Carseats. *Backs away slowly*

Jessica Josh Marek Pman 1 year ago

2, 3, 7

Briana Kay White 1 year ago

Um nope, never cared enough about what others do to their own kids… as far as disciplining my kids, why not? I want my kids to know it’s not ok to be a dick at all times, or at any moment any adult will correct them… not just when mom and dad are around. You see my kids acting a fool, grab that ear and drag then over to me, yell at them, don’t turn your head and let them know it’s ok to act like that just because I didn’t see it!

Keeva Williams 1 year ago

Honestly at the playground, pre-school I never argue with moms. They’re always VERY nice and understanding. I only argue on the internet. Keyboard heroes let’s go!!!!