There's A Women-Only Island And It's The Paradise We All Need

by Jody Allard
SuperShe island
Image via SuperShe

This island paradise offers women the impossible: a place free from mansplaining

We’ve all heard the phrase “men are from Mars, women are from Venus.” And if you’ve ever wished men would catch the next flight straight back to Mars, you’re in luck. Sending men to Mars isn’t possible (yet), but a new luxury island resort is offering women the next best thing: No men allowed.

Can we make this a thing everywhere please?

Created by entrepreneur Kristen Roth, SuperShe island is an island retreat off the coast of Finland that’s designed as an escape for women — from men, apparently. Roth told CNN that she created it to give women a place to vacation that’s removed from the pressures of daily life, while surrounding them with female energy.

“My philosophy is if you surround yourself with amazing women — and if you can bring together amazing women globally — then you’re going to be the average of that group,” she says.

Sign. Us. Up.

Image via SuperShe

The island sleeps 10 women in four cabins (so even in paradise, you still won’t get your own space — but at least you’ll get your own bedroom). And going to SuperShe island isn’t as easy as simply booking a trip online. Roth told CNN that interested women have to apply so she can review applications and create pairings of like-minded women.

Image via SuperShe

“The number one, number one thing that’s important for me is that you have an amazing personality — like upbeat, cool personality — because you’re on [an] island,” Roth says. “That’s what’s going to make it fun and exciting for everyone.”

What if we bring tons of wine and chocolate cake? Will that gain us entrance no matter what? We’d like to think so.

Somewhat ironically, Roth came up with the idea after she visited Finland with her boyfriend. But while he helped her renovate the island, he still won’t be allowed to stay as a guest once it opens this summer. That experience is reserved for women (including anyone who identifies as a woman) — so long as they make the cut.

Image via SuperShe

Still, close your eyes and imagine it. No husband. No kids. No laundry. No snoring. No catcalls from obnoxious men while you adjust your tankini. No arguing about whose turn it is to take out the garbage or whether you really, really should try mapping your route to your destination instead of driving in circles.

Nothing but ocean views and serenity, with a dose of girl-power to boot. Plus some wellness activities to help you recover from long days of sun-bathing and napping. And by wellness activities we’re hoping they mean copious amounts of wine and trashy reality TV along with takeout delivered straight to your beds, thanks.

Image via SuperShe

Of course, most of us can’t really run away to Finland (even for a week). And while pricing hasn’t been released yet, SuperShe island is probably really, really expensive.

But if America wants to compete on a global level, let’s add several women-only islands to our list of demands. Free health care and cheap child care are important, but what we really need is a place to get away from all of that mansplaining. And laundry.