First Response Creates The Bluetooth Pregnancy Test Literally No One's Been Waiting For

by Ashley Austrew
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First Response just created the world’s first Bluetooth pregnancy test.

Want to know if you’re pregnant? There’s an app for that… sort of. The makers of First Response have created a new Bluetooth connected pregnancy test that lets you read your results on a phone app, because it’s not like a regular pregnancy test, you guys; it’s a cool pregnancy test.

According to USA Today, the First Response Pregnancy Pro Digital Test & App — whew, that’s a mouthful — is billed as the first-ever Bluetooth pregnancy test, and is aimed at making the testing experience “calmer and more personalized.” You purchase the test stick and then download the app. Once you pee on the stick, the app lets you know if the test is working, and then it counts down the three minutes until you can read your result. While you’re waiting, it gives you the option to click buttons that say “entertain me,” “educate me,” or “calm me.” The buttons lead to Buzzfeed videos, fertility info, or meditation music, respectively.

Image via First Response

When the three minutes are up, the app tells you what the pregnancy test says — because apparently the stick saying “pregnant” or “not pregnant” just isn’t good enough. You can also let the app know whether or not you’re actually trying to get pregnant so it can congratulate you if you get a positive result and give you “fertility tips” if it’s negative. If you weren’t trying, the app remains neutral.

Image via First Response

When it’s all said and done, you’re out $15 to $22 for a single test that does basically the same thing any other test does. Oh, you can also use the app for free as a period and fertility tracker — things for which there are already dozens of other apps. Thanks for this innovative solution to nothing, First Response!

The makers of the test say they designed the app to help combat the anxiety women feel when waiting to find out if they’re pregnant. Wendy Bishop of First Response tells the Telegraph, “We see this as an opportunity beyond that yes or no result… This helps guide them [women] through the test process.” So, there you go. If you previously thought pregnancy tests were akin to rocket science, you’ve now got a phone app that can spell it out for you.

The one thing First Response gets right here is that taking a pregnancy test is a nerve-wracking and highly personal experience. The thing is, adding Bluetooth to the test does nothing to change that. I can look up Buzzfeed videos myself, and I don’t need a phone app to tell me what the stick I just peed on can already show me on its own. I also don’t need a countdown clock to tell me how long it’s been. Most tests don’t take a full three minutes to work anyway.

This test was created to fill a need that didn’t exist in the first place. If First Response really wants to improve the testing experience, maybe they could create a less expensive test that still gives a reliable, early result. Not everything needs to be connected to a phone app, especially when all that does is make it more expensive to take basically the exact same test we’ve been taking for decades.

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