Hero Flight Attendant Dances After Maskhole Is Kicked Off Plane

by Madison Vanderberg
Brendan Edler TikTok

Plane cheers and dances after a Karen is escorted off for not complying with the mask mandate

Who would have thought, that a year into the pandemic, people would still be acting like morons when it comes to mask wearing. People are really out here asking “What do you mean I have to wear a mask?” like they haven’t been living in a pandemic and wearing masks for a whole ass year. Anyway, today in “Maskholes get what’s coming to them” a woman on a Southwest flight — who apparently boarded the plane without her mask on — was met with cheers, applause, and even a dance break, when she was finally escorted off her flight.

In a TikTok video captured by user Brendan Edler, who shared a Southwest flight with the aforementioned Maskhole, a woman (nay, a Karen) is seen arguing with a crew member over the mask mandate.

The woman does have a mask on at this point in the video but is heard saying, “I did comply…You’re saying I didn’t comply and put my mask on when you ask asked me to?” That roughly translates to: I didn’t have my mask on and you had to ask me to do it. Again, what day of the pandemic are we on? Who is still boarding a plane without a mask on? Maskholes, that’s who.

The woman continues to loudly argue with the flight attendant, getting in the flight attendant’s face and calling him a “liar.” At this point, the passengers — who just want the plane to take-off — get restless and start yelling at the woman to leave the plane. “Bye!” “Get off the plane,” they shout.

Finally, the woman is escorted off the plane, but not before giving a middle-finger to everyone on the plane.

Then, the plane erupts into cheers and applause and a flight attendant breaks out in dance. Specifically, the cabbage patch, and LOL.

Brendan Edler TikTok

Imagine being such a menace to society that people dance when they don’t have to deal with you anymore? And how exhausting must it be for these flight attendants to constantly be reminding grown adults to wear a mask? One actual flight attendant (not the woman in the video) chimed in on the video’s comment page to confirm that “as a flight crew I can assure you we are absolutely exhausted!”

Brendan Edler TikTok

Southwest didn’t comment on the woman, specifically, but told Insider that “Federal law requires Southwest to ensure every person age two and over to wear a mask at all times throughout a flight, including during boarding and deplaning. We communicate the face-covering mandate to all Customers at multiple touchpoints throughout the travel journey.”

Sadly, these stories happen every damn week. From planes to restaurants to grocery stores, these Karens and Kens are willing to die on their anti-mask hill and make everyone around them miserable in the process.

Anyway, shoutout to the flight attendant for that dance. What a hero.