Your Kids Will Love Seeing Behind-The-Scenes Video From 'Floor Is Lava'

by Christina Marfice
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Your Kids Will Love Seeing Behind-The-Scenes Footage From 'Floor Is Lava'

All the questions you had while binge watching Netflix’s The Floor Is Lava? They’re about to be answered

One of our favorite things to come out of quarantine was all the Netflix content that people just couldn’t stop talking about, including the streaming service’s fast-paced new reality competition show, The Floor Is Lava. But while we binged the series, which was released last month, we definitely had some questions. And now, we’re getting answers.

A new behind-the-scenes video about the making of The Floor Is Lava answers all the questions we knew we had — and some we didn’t.

For example, watching the video, we learned that the show’s production team rented out a building that used to be an IKEA — clearly they needed plenty of space to work in. It took them six weeks to design and build all the elaborate sets you see on The Floor Is Lava, including every room prop, which was built from scratch and then tested to make sure it was lava-proof and safe. The production team even built a giant pool in the parking lot so they could safely test out some obstacle course designs in water.

While the show looks like an intense physical challenge, the Floor Is Lava production team apparently wanted to make sure each course was doable for someone at any skill level — it just depends which route you take to the finish. The easier routes were harder to find, and the more obvious routes were a lot more physically challenging, as we could see from watching the show.

One big question we had while watching was whether the obstacles were actually designed to be soft — watching people on the show jump from great distances only to slam into objects with their faces had us worried. They weren’t soft, but everything was designed with safety in mind, and there were safety and first-aid crews on site at all times. Apparently, no one was seriously injured while the first season of The Floor Is Lava was filmed.

And finally, we have answers about the lava itself. Apparently, the show’s crew went to the same studio that made saliva for Alien and ectoplasm for Ghostbusters to create the viscous, red liquid that covered the floor of each obstacle course. While lighting tricks were used to make it look cool, the lava was actually a bright shade of red-orange. As for how it ripples, bubbles up, and splashes contestants on the course? Set designers used a wide range of tools — some they invented just for this purpose — to bring the lava to life and make Floor Is Lava the exciting show we all binged.

There are plenty other secrets to learn by watching the behind-the-scenes video. If you and your family loved The Floor Is Lava, you’ll love this.

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