Watch These Flying Porta-Potties And Feel All Your Cares Melt Away

by Christina Marfice
Image via Chris Nelson / Twitter

We all really needed these flying porta-potties right now

Happy Friday, fam. We know it’s a tough world out there. Many of you may have had long, hard weeks. And so, to help kick off the weekend right, here’s something that will help you forget all your troubles for at least a brief moment. Please observe these two porta-potties taking flight in their attempt to escape this mortal coil. Die laughing. Repeat as needed.

Reports say the flying porta-potties caught some strong winds in Commerce City, Colorado. And so, just this normal thing happened. Both of them launched into the air. And someone was there to capture it on video. Bless.

Another, slightly longer video shows people running for cover as they’re showered with falling porta-potty juice.

Go ahead and laugh. No one was hurt. It’s fine.

The real question here, posed by an observant Tweeter, is this: How did the person filming this calmly stand still, as the wind whipped people around and potential porta-potty liquid rained from the sky? How did that person stand so still and stoic and film this for our collective enjoyment? How did that person manage not to laugh at the toilet-induced chaos that was unfolding before them? Where is that person now, and can I hug them?

And of course, the internet has jokes about this whole situation. This kind of event is basically what the internet exists for. Thank God for the internet, spreading this much joy and hope in our lives.

And oh my God, some people added music. What did we do to deserve something this good?

In conclusion, no matter how long and difficult your week has been, you can find solace in watching these two porta-potties attempt the escape you’ve been dreaming of. They didn’t make it, but maybe you will. You’re welcome, world.