What to (Really) Expect When You're Four Months Pregnant

What to (Really) Expect When You’re Four Months Pregnant

At four months pregnant, you’re finally starting to look like you’re expecting and didn’t just polish off too many fish tacos, your hair is full and shining and you’re comfortable sharing the news. Welcome to the best part of your pregnancy; if you’re ever going to radiate that pregnancy glow, this is it… now, um, what’s that terrible pain in your chest?

What to (Really) Expect When You're Four Months Pregnant

Hopefully your morning sickness has improved a bit and you’re able to enjoy the best part of pregnancy: The eating. Remember that weight you lost from puking round the clock? You get to make up for it now.

Say hello to new symptoms called heartburn and vaginal discharge! They aren’t going anywhere, so get used to them. Your feet may also begin swelling and be unable to fit into those amazing new shoes you just bought on sale. The bad news: They may never return back to their previous size. The good news? Shopping spree!

You’ll probably be sent for your first ultrasound this month. What that really means is you will be subjected to the cruel joke of asking a pregnant woman to drink a shit-ton of water, and hold it for over an hour. But you’ll get your first glimpse of you baby, making it one of the best parts of pregnancy.

Scary Mommy Tip: Now’s a good time to back away from Pinterest. Though it’s tempting to create board after board of perfect ideas, you’ll make yourself crazy trying to keep up with the most creative and newest trends. Besides, there’s no prize for best baby announcement EVER or most creative gender reveal. And, really, nobody else cares about that stuff nearly as much as you do.