This Free Coloring Book Teaches Kids The Real Names Of Their Body Parts

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The free, downloadable coloring book makes talking about body parts, consent, and the differences between boys and girls easier

Sex education should begin when kids are younger than you might think – but most children won’t get any sort of early sex ed in public school before the age of ten, and sometimes much later than that. That means teaching issues like the correct names of body parts, bodily autonomy, and consent are all up to you, and that can be a daunting feeling. Thankfully, the non-profit sex education organization Amaze has dropped a new coloring book for kids four and up that is perfect for starting the conversations you need to have with your pre-schoolers and kindergarteners.

The coloring book is also free and super-easy to download and print.

The organization, which also hosts a ton of other helpful sex ed content on its site, is dedicated to helping parents and educators teach the next generation how to be sexually healthy adults. And the Amaze, Jr. segment of their website is all geared toward the younger crowd, who need to learn important info about their bodies, their families, and their rights early on.

The nine-page coloring book covers all the basics, complete with cute drawing and super simple lessons. The first page begins with a basic lesson about the correct names of body parts and what separates the sexes.

The next page deals with the idea of bodily autonomy and consent: the foundational idea that there are lots of ways to interact with people you care about, but that everyone has the right to say no to physical contact, and that you have control over your own body.

And don’t get us started on how much we love seeing kids of all races, including a kid in a hijab.

There are several pages about how all families look different – some just have one mom or one dad, while others have more than one. Still other families include grandparents, aunts, or uncles. The drawings continue to be adorable, and the message continues to be about diversity and acceptance.

Finally, there are a couple of great pages about the differences between girls and boys. Which, when it comes down to it, end with anatomical differences. We love this page, which happily and simply declares, we can play whatever we want! and shows a boy practicing ballet and a girl kicking a soccer ball.

You can download the whole coloring book or pick and choose by the page, whichever pleases you. Just be sure to sit down with your kid and help them understand the lesson of each page, even if it’s just to read them the caption and ask them what they see in the picture.

Amaze does way more than just free coloring book pages. They actually specialize in sex ed video content and have great libraries of segments to watch on a wide range of topics, for a wide range of ages. They also have videos made especially for educators and especially for parents. They cover it all, from sex and sexuality, to puberty to personal safety, to pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Several of the Amaze Jr. videos go along with the coloring book, including one about kids learning about their bodies, one about gender, and one about where babies come from.

It’s so important that our kids understand consent and bodily autonomy as early as possible, both so that they have a healthy understanding of their bodies and so that they can stay safe and/or accurately report sexually inappropriate acts. While the coloring book doesn’t do the whole job, along with the videos, it’s a super awesome place to start.