You Can Get Free Starbucks Drinks Until The End Of The Year

by Madison Vanderberg

Starbucks is handing out free drinks at select locations every day through the end of the year

Did somebody say, Free Starbucks? If you’re already going on daily Starbucks runs, you might as well make it free. From now until December 31, 2019, select Starbucks locations will be handing out free tall handcrafted espresso drinks every day at lunch.

To find out if the Starbucks near you is one of the “select” locations giving out free drinks — check out the Starbucks “Pop-Up Cheer Party” locator online and search by state. Each day, 200 Starbucks locations will participate in the program, so if your local Starbucks isn’t participating today, it might the next day. Every morning you can find out what 200 new Starbucks locations are having a “pop up party” that day.


The offer is only valid for “tall handcrafted espresso beverages” (think caffè lattes, macchiatos, flat whites and specialty drinks like peppermint mochas) and only between the hours of 1pm and 2pm.

The promo launched on Friday, December 27, 2019 and so-far Starbucks joints across the country are popping off.

Though one person on Instagram shared that the “long line…went quicker than I thought!”

But also like, what are you doing between now and New Years Day with your time? Returning Christmas gifts that don’t fit? Trying to entertain your kids who don’t go back to school until Thursday?? You have time to wait at a Starbucks.

Also, while you’re there, you can shop leftover holiday merch. According to Starbucks’ Twitter feed, select holiday merchandise is 30% at “participating stores.” Meaning, if the store still has a ton of Christmas tumblers in stock, they’re likely on sale now.

It’s the last weekend of the year, you made it, and now you deserve some free coffee.