Unscrambling The Process Of Egg Freezing

Unscrambling The Process Of Egg Freezing

by Alison Bucalo
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Freezing your eggs is family planning at its finest. And coldest. The good news is you can freeze your eggs! But here are some facts about egg freezing that you should know first.

Ever wonder if there is an egg freezing age limit or what egg freezing success rate are or what the egg freezing process timeline is like and what egg freezing risks are. In this episode of Madge the Vag, Madge investigates just how eggs freezing works, and what are the odds it will work. Let’s deep dive.

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Fertility specialists can take out your eggs now and freeze them for later because your eggs age. Find out what age is best to freeze your eggs, what the egg freezing process is like, what fertility medication is, what egg extraction is, how many eggs you should freeze, where to store them, how to fertilize your frozen eggs, does egg extraction decrease your egg count and how much egg freezing costs.

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