From A SAHM: I'm In Awe Of Working Parents During This Pandemic

by Nicole Merritt
I'm So Impressed With Working Parents Right Now
Morsa Images/Getty

Dear Working Parents,

I’m so impressed by you.

I’m not one of you.

Not “technically,” I guess.

I’m a writer, so I kind of have a job, but then again, I make no money doing it (yet), so I don’t think it’s fair to compare my work to your 9-5, 7-7, 10-8, or whatever full or part-time hours you put in.

But I see all that you are doing


to tend to your

non-living and living responsibilities;

your responsibilities that pay the bills and your other young human ones that are the reason those bills are so high.

I see you

working outside of your home,

working from inside your home,

working while you cook,

while you pack lunches,

while your child bathes,

while they do school work,

and while they sleep.

I see you

taking calls,

making calls,

and missing important calls.

I see you

worried about your child’s return to brick and mortar.

I see you struggling to keep up with their at-home e-learning zoom schedule and workload.

I see you letting them return to sports.

I see you missing their sports because of deadlines that can’t be missed so that you can earn that paycheck that pays for those sports.

I see you avoiding indoor spaces and people because your fear and the risk overwhelms you.


I see you taking on this pandemic and the incredibly difficult decisions us guardians have been required to make because of it,

with little time,


and options,

and nailing every aspect of what it means to be a stellar parent who is providing for their child in every sense of the word.

I’m a stay-at-home mom and riding out this virus with three varied-aged, huge personality-donning children is a feat and it’s exhausting.

But, possibly not as trying and taxing as having to do the same AND work.

This isn’t me contending that parents without paying jobs have it easy,

it’s just me genuinely and rightfully acknowledging that those who are working right now,

and raising kids during the coronavirus pandemic,

like you,

have it quite hard.

And you are taking the hard

and rising to the f-ing occasion,

and all I’m saying,

in case you don’t hear it enough,

is that you are




and very much supported.

So reach out if you need, ‘cause your village is ready to build you up.


A Fellow (Non-Working) Parent