From The Confessional: If You're Trapped In A Red State (Or County), You're Not Alone

by Team Scary Mommy

Prior to 2016, many of us Dems could actually have constructive, respectful conversations with Republicans. I know I could. Before Trump systematically tore our country apart with his hateful rhetoric, endless power-grabbing, and complete absence of moral code or integrity, I was able to see where conservatives were coming from. I was able to meet them in the middle. And I could respect why they voted the way they did, even if we disagreed.

Everything is different now, and we can thank the Republican party and their creepy, undying support for a wannabe dictator for that. Now, families are divided. Friendships have ended. And everyone is fighting. It’s gotten so ugly in America that many of us have said, “I’m done” when it comes to our family and friends on the other side. We are done trying to save you from your warped AF QAnon, Trump-loving, backasswards, Fox News-brainwashed beliefs. We hope you get out, get free of the delusion, but until then, we don’t have time or space in our lives for the hate, for the racism, for the homophobia, or for the name Trump anymore.

I’m uncomfortable with how many of my Conservative friends & family who believe that a higher power placed Donald Trump in office but don’t believe that the same happened for Joe Biden. Way to only have “faith when your guy wins.”

Confessional #25830918

Super religious republican in-laws started excluding me (& DH/DC) from get togethers. Pretty sure it's bc I'm forward thinking/pro choice/pro mask. I'm never disrespectful, nor do I argue or even discuss my views w/ them. Imagine being that intolerant.

Confessional #25822697

Can’t wait for the conservative in-laws to visit our new house and see the Pride flag flying and the BLM sign. If they don’t like it, they can leave. I’m not catering to their bigotry.

Confessional #25835268

Downside to living in the same town as your entire republican family: impossible to come up with an excuse to miss Christmas wo alienating them all further. Fuck the brainwashing GOP garbage. You ruined my family 4 ur $$ & power

Confessional #25809955

It’s a heartbreaking reality to accept that your extended family are stuck in the archaic, patriarchal, conservative Republican cult. But they’re stubbornly staying there, so sometimes, you have to say goodbye and move on.

i have grown to hate conservative media/radio so much. dh is brainwashed and cannot have empathy or care for anything. we are very fortunate but all he sees is higher taxes instead of seeing a positive forward society. sick of it.

Confessional #25829882

love dh but conservative talk radio has made him cynical, hateful, and judgemental. i want my dh back.

Confessional #25824444

My dh is so indoctrinated by conservative rhetoric that he thinks the rioters were right. I can't anymore. We need social reform now!

Confessional #25819261

Conservative talk radio and Fox News has successfully brainwashed many people we love—including our husbands. We miss them, and we wish they’d come back from the dark side.

i will not vote republican again for any office. they knew he was guilty yet refused to impeach. i am done with the republican party and conservative politics. bring on democratic socialism and a more dignified and sane society!

Confessional #25819747

it scares me that we are so close to letting right wing crazies take over america. can't even watch handmaids tale cause it is to scary to me. i stopped voting conservative once i realized what their true agenda was. dh is pissed but getting over it.

Confessional #25829097

former republican of 30 years. i voted dem all the way across the ticket from state level to president. i am so angry w/how our country is being taken over by wealthy men who keep it all and refuse to pay their taxes. come on joe. don't let me down.

Confessional #25815821

former republican voter leaning democrat. realized the cluster fuck this country has become. let's be reasonable and stop funding millionaires and their friends while we get nothing.

Confessional #25799046

Thankfully, more and more Republicans are seeing the light and fleeing the hate and the corruption. Together, we can save America as long as we keep voting for leaders who believe in equal rights, equal protection, and healthcare for all.

progressive christian surrounded by conservatives who think we all need to be just like them. they are hateful and difficult to deal with. they hate everything.. i got tired of the hate. now i stay quiet or they turn on me.

Confessional #25824055

if i suddenly had $$ of my own life would change. i'd move to a more enlightened place and live a more modern lifestyle. right now i live in a conservative backwards place where racism and patriarchy rule. seems nice on the surface, but it's UGLY.

Confessional #25829059

this fucking conservative area is grating on me. my views have changed over the past year and i can't go back to believing the bullshit. dh is happy w/being a trump supporter. you see where this is going. scared shitless.

Confessional #25815757

I live in a state where the Republicans are blocking Democratic leaders from putting precautions in place against Covid... even though our positive rate is close to 30%!!!! And the Republicans are confused why they lost the election?

Confessional #25805063

There are still many, many conservatives pockets in America that have people trapped, however. Towns, entire states even, where it’s hard to find a safe person to connect with.

started out as homeschooling conservative christian. still homeschooling, but more liberal and progressive. we look back and laugh at what we thought way back then. then we see the horrible behavior of the religious right. glad to see religion dying out.

Confessional #25817856

fell into extreme conservative religion years ago. we raised our kids this way until they were late elementary age. we came out of it, but the remnants harmed us all. now we live w/o church, but i feel sad for the wasted $, stress, and time. sorry kids.

Confessional #25817135

now identify as progressive christian. could not do conservative right wing anymore. so ashamed of how i thought and acted then. realize american right wing xtian movement has destroyed lives and our country. hope we can recover.

Confessional #25811918

admitting that i am no longer an evangelical xtian is scary. still believe in a kinder gentler god concept thanks to mr fred rogers and his testimony. can't tell anymore around me. all red extreme conservatives. sad i used to be that way.

Confessional #25810297

But the fight continues. Conservative Christians are fleeing the backwards, archaic rules that have kept them down, and are instead, embracing a new list of rules—like encouraging women to take whatever path they choose in life, supporting women’s rights to control their own bodies, and knowing that “love is love” and all that matters is that you’re kind to one another.

conservatives i know are going nuts because they know their dominance is being overturned. i am loving it. relishing the new freedoms coming for all of us. told H times change and we should be glad. the old days were not so great per my grandma.

Confessional #25828266

I feel like throwing a fucking party every time I see another story from another Republican stating she is voting for all Democrats this time. I fucking love it!

Confessional #25801990

done with the republican party. voting democrat from top to bottom this time. give them the boot, ladies!

Confessional #25800799

What in the actual fuck? I have always thought of myself as a split-ticket purple-state moderate, but I honestly can’t see myself EVER voting for a Replicant again after today. My conservative family & husb would horrified to hear me say that.

Confessional #25819729

As American icon Bob Dylan famously said… the times they are a-changin… We can take comfort in hearing story after story of former conservative or former Republican seeing the absolute mockery Trump made of this country and switching their allegiance away from that corrupt, hypocritical, oppressive, Jim-Bob-loving cult and instead, step into the light.

If you’re trapped in a red state or red city, or your family is brainwashed and you don’t know how to talk to them, you can sit with us. We’re here, supporting the Bidens and Kamala, fighting for LGBTQIA+ rights, celebrating the beautiful diversity of America’s many ethnicities and races and religions, and trying to heal from the harm that Trump and his minions have done.

There’s a place for you here, at our table. We’ll bring the coffee, you bring the donuts.