From The Confessional: What We Want...In Bed (And Other Places)

by Team Scary Mommy
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Okay Scary Mommies… you really do have some spicy fantasies. Well that’s what our confessional is for, and holy shit do you deliver. From dreaming of going down on your man in a movie theater… to dreaming of Peter Dinklage going down on you… it’s all there. And it’s NSFW, or children. Or Grandma.

So without further ado, here are some of the hottest, spiciest fantasies we found from our very own readers. If you get some new ideas/inspiration/or just want some “alone” time after reading these… well, same.

Why do I get so wet looking at big tits? Married to a man but best fantasy is getting tipsy with a hot mom friend and sucking each other’s tits. Pussy too?

Confessional #25803944

I have this creepy Masturbation fantasy of The Stripper with a PhD going down on me AFTER my husband and I have really rough sex and she uses her mouth to soothe/clean up all my tender/messy parts......

Confessional #25766907

I just had a huge, leg-shaking orgasm from a fantasy about Peter Dinklage going down on me.

Confessional #23843889

There’s a common theme here… Take notes, partners. Women. like. oral. Especially if you’re good at it.

I want my friends husband to push me up against the wall and put his hands all over me and press himself against me until I cum. I’m married (and would never do that to a friend) but the fantasy is on the jerk reel.

Confessional #24912554

I have this constant fantasy of letting a bunch of gorgeous men run a train on me......oh well a girl can dream *sigh*

Confessional #25765795

I had a dream weeks ago about walking into a football teams shower after the game. Never had a thought like it before but can’t get the fantasy out of my head now and it’s been keeping me “busier than I have been in years thinking about it.”

Confessional #23702583

I have a recurring fantasy that usually pops into my head when I am getting myself off. H and I were fighting and I was so pissed at him but horny AF. Subbed his role with a recent sexy male flight attendant and OMG!!! Got off in seconds! Yum!!

Confessional #23674407

It’s pretty common to have sexual fantasies about someone other than your partner. For lots of you, that “someone” is actually a group of “someones.” So if the thought of strolling into a sweaty shower with a bunch of football players does it for you, we won’t judge.

I have this fantasy about giving H a blow job in a dark corner of the movie theatre- so if everyone could wear their fucking masks and stop going out so we can be done with covid and I can finally live my fantasy that would be GREAT!

Confessional #25801293

I am so turned on by the fantasy of a beautiful man giving my blindfolded (and maybe hands tied behind his back) husband oral sex and making him orgasm.

Confessional #25801885

Fantasy Box completely transformed our sex life, for the BETTER! Brought out the kink in both of us, it's like we're both having naughty affairs, only with each other. I look forward to that box coming every month like a giddy school girl.

Confessional #20321646

I have a fantasy watching a stranger (woman) giving DH a blowjob! He is so well endowed she would really enjoy it. IRL this will never happen but I think about it when we are fucking and it gets me off!!

Confessional #20066501

Sometimes our fantasies actually do involve our spouse… in one way or another.

I read about that priest who was arrested for having a threesome on his church's altar. Guess what just moved to the top of my fantasy list?

Confessional #25801269

just once i'd like to be with two men at once. but it will never happen because i am over 50 and i am too chicken. but the fantasy is nice to fall asleep to at night.

Confessional #25798571

My fantasy is to be with 2 men and get fucked hard in both holes!! Gets me off every time!

Confessional #25151712

It'll never happen, and I'll never pursue it, but I have this INCREDIBLE long-standing fantasy of being gang-banged. Being completely enveloped by people, and having every square inch of my naked body being licked, sucked, groped, or sucked by someone.

Confessional #22192500

What is it about multiple partners at once that gets us going? If this is one idea that makes you hot and tingly—according to our confessional—lots of women agree.

We’re not gonna lie—some of your confessions are a little eye-brow raising, but we aren’t judging! Get yours, girls, however you can get it. Whether it’s a fantasy about a football team or your next door neighbor, you deserve that mental escape and feel good O that “comes” with it.

And hey, we’re getting a vaccine in 2021 so maybe you really will be able to live out that movie theater blow job dream after all.

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