From The Confessional: You're Telling Us All About Your Crush

by Team Scary Mommy
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Okay girlfriends, if you wake up with the warm tingles after a hot dream about Aqua Man or Wonder Woman (or both—wink, wink), we get it. We’ve all got our crush—that one person who really does it for us. Maybe it’s someone you know IRL, like a co-worker, or your kid’s gym teacher. Maybe it’s your brother-in-law, and you steal blushing glances across the room at Thanksgiving. Maybe it’s your own actual significant other and you’re incredibly lucky to have such passion right at your fingertips every day.

We’ve all had crushes, and they’re perfectly normal. They remind us we are alive and can still feel things, even after a long day of kids beating us down with their snack demands and shitting through their swim diapers. Getting lost in a fantasy about Thor and his massive “hammer” isn’t the worst way to escape your life and forget about this pandemic and disaster that is our world right now.

Married hetero woman here. Never thought it would happen to me but it's official: I have a crush on another women at my job. I'm not gonna pursue anything but, damn, the things I'd do with her.

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I have a huge crush on a woman I met online. I’ve been with my husband for 28 years, but I can’t stop thinking about her.

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Sometimes as we get older we surprise ourselves with who, exactly, lights our fire. Over time, our desires change—we used to like dark hair, now we’re into grays. Or we previously went after skinny guys and now we want the biggest arms we can find. Or gorgeous women are our speed now instead of men. Let yourself evolve and enjoy your crushes, whatever or whomever they may be.

Going to visit H's best friend next week. He was a groomsman at our wedding. I have a huge crush on him....

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Supposed to be weaning myself off my crush, yet here I am at 01:30, staring at their photo on Facebook in between browsing other web pages, and feeling my heart lurch every time I catch sight of their name on the browser tab. So that's going well.

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Sometimes we have crushes we know we shouldn’t. It’s natural. So what if you blush a little and let your heart flutter? At the end of the day, as long as you stay true to who you are, crushes are pretty harmless.

I have such a crush on daughters 5th grade teacher. He's so nerdy &I imagine him either really good in bed or not great but I teach him a few things!

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Been having the best naughty thoughts about our tan,bearded,hot IT guy at work. Then the naughty thoughts evolve into wondering what he’s like as a boyfriend and idk if that makes it better or worse in my head lol

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My DH does Viking reenactments and things for fairs and festivals for fun, really looks the part too. I'm more attracted to to him in his Viking get up with all the fake blood and dirt than I am in his regular day-to-day. I wish he'd fuck me in costume!!

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Crushes and fantasies help re-spark flames within that may have burnt out, and that’s not always a bad thing. I mean, some tan guy with a beard can fix my WiFi anytime.

I am completely obsessed will the the show "You". Penn Badgley is so hot as Joe. I so wouldn't mind me being his girlfriend

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I have fantasies about Andrew Scott. A woman can dream!

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Classical musical need here. I fantasize about Joshua Bell.

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I had a very naughty dream about Jim Cantore from The Weather Channel.

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I had a romantic dream about Seth Rogen and I liked it.

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Hollywood crushes are the best because they are completely harmless and there’s a wide array of choices. Psychopathic stalker does it for you? Cool. Classical violinist? Get it, girl. This is your fantasy, so own it.

So glad my kids love the MCU movies, because I have some very vivid fantasies of being the meat in a Chris Evans/Robert Downey Jr. sandwich.

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I hope to god that Chris Evans has a dick to match the Captain America fantasy I've been building.

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I have a very detailed fantasy life where Tom Hiddleston and I meet and fall in love.

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I had a dream that I was in a threesome with Captain Man and Henry Danger. It was so hot. I'm depressed it will never happen :(

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And then there’s the old classic “superhero” crush. This one makes sense—hot, muscular, save-the-world type… in tights? What’s not to love?

Crushes and fantasies are normal and usually pretty healthy, so have some fun with them. As long as you don’t actually stalk Chris Evans Joe Goldberg-style, you’re good.