Let These Funny Girl Power Tweets Make You Feel Empowered AF

by Valerie Williams
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Image via Twitter

2018 was A Year, right? We were put through the wringer in every possible way with an absolutely exhausting president and all the men who enable him and the #MeToo movement making news pretty much every week. It’s hard to live life as a woman, but luckily, the funny feminists of Twitter have made it not just bearable, but hilarious.

Can 2019 be the year we stop saying “sorry” for literally everything?

Or the year we just champion all women, no matter what.

Maybe the next half of the year will be full of not giving a single shit about crying or yelling in front of anyone.

And holding men to the exact same confines we’ve lived in since the dawn of time? Perhaps?

Or maybe we can just live out our greatest fantasies.

And finally live our truth.

Maybe men could even begin to understand what’s actually happening.

Or at least shut up while we express ourselves.

I assume the same, TBH.

Oh here’s a handy guide to give to every man you know.

And here’s a fun new mantra — impress grandma, fuck men.

LOL, we see what you did there.

2019 is the year of no fucks given.

It’s the year of calling everyone out on their bullshit.

And asking the tough questions.

We will expect more, no matter how ridiculous.

Even though our wants and needs may seem outlandish…

…we will still keep the dream alive.

Here’s to 2019 being feminist AF.

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