The Funny Parents Of Twitter Are So Ready For The School Year To End

by Valerie Williams

The end of the school year is here and while some parents dread the coming summer months, others are so over the homework, schedules, lunch-packing and drop-offs that they’re ready to welcome vacation with open arms.

Mostly open arms.

We love our kids, but it often feels like we’re trading one set of aggravations for another. Yes, we’ve grown weary of the school year grind, but who says summer will be any easier? Spoiler alert: it won’t. Bottom line? It’s all hard, and the funny parents of Twitter are here to get you through it.

1. Actual paradise.

Here comes summer vacation and oops, with all the end of school year busyness, you never signed the kids up for any camps. RIP, coherent thoughts.

2. *sobs*

School’s over, you’re so relieved. Now’s the time to actually enjoy your kids rather than suffering through nightly homework and running them here and there. Oh wait, summer sort of sucks too, never mind.

3. So done.

To be honest, we were done like three months ago, but anyway.

4. Brace yourselves.

It’s such a mix of emotions, ending the school year while preparing for summer. It wouldn’t be all that shocking if our hair turned white in the process.

5. Bliss.

Those last days when the teachers have thrown in the towel on homework are magical, but you still have 23 end-of-year “special” events to slog through, so there’s that.

6. *stares off into the distance*

The last day of school. Goodbye homework and bullshit, hello all kinds of other problems.

7. Put that on a throw pillow.

Let yourself go through all the steps of grieving. We’ll be here with chardonnay when you’re done.

8. The end’s in sight.

*through gritted teeth* “Ham or turkey? Oh, you don’t like either of those anymore? How about dry Cheerios? Or cafeteria pizza!”

9. Accurate.

Just. Keep. Going.

10. Deal with it.

Sorry, kids. We’re now phoning it the fuck in until your summer diet of hot dogs and popsicles starts.

11. They’ll be fine.

We couldn’t be more over it.

12. Who needs a predictable schedule anyway?

Oh, you can’t use three vacation days this week to be there for all of the end-of-year events for your little angels? Good thing you have the whole summer to make it up to them. The whole. Damn. Summer.

Good luck, parents!