The Funny Moms Of Twitter Talk About The Magic Of Yoga Pants

by Valerie Williams
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Ah, yoga pants. Before you had kids, you might have thought these stretchy little miracles were for…well, yoga. Boy, were you naive.

Yoga pants are pretty much a mom cliche now, and for good reason — they’re fricking incredible. They lift your butt. They don’t dig in at your Mom Belly. they’re comfortable and sometimes even stylish. They’re a motherhood wardrobe staple and a life without them wouldn’t be worth living. Well, ok — maybe not that dramatic. But close.

The funny moms of Twitter completely get your yoga pants obsession and have plenty to say on the topic of our favorite comfortable, butt-shaping saviors.

1. Totally reasonable.

When you find a pair that flatters, any price is worth it. But that shipping tho.

2. How dare they.

The ultimate betrayal. We know they won’t last forever, but once we’re attached, it’s difficult to accept their decline.

3. But at least you had on pants.

Hey, free groceries never hurt anyone. I say this is all the more reason to keep wearing them.

4. Time to get turnt.

Yoga pants are the perfect attire for staying at home and hiding from people. Or going out in public. Or doing *gasp* actual yoga. Their versatility knows no bounds.

5. Liar, liar, yoga pants on fire.

It’s only when we admit that no yoga will ever be happening in our yoga pants that we can truly heal.

6. It’s like they knew.

Every pair of yoga pants comes with a homing device that alerts a bunch of mom groups to your presence. Kidding but shit, that would be creepy af.

7. Better be Cool Ranch tho.

Come sit next to me. I find these jokes totally acceptable in every way.

8. They’re just so damn forgiving.

The fact that I wore the same pair of yoga pants my whole pregnancy, even at the end when I weighed more than my husband, speaks volumes. They are magical pants. And that’s why you can pry them from our cold, dead hands.

9. Score.

Is there any wardrobe panic that rivals the “I’m out of clean yoga pants” wardrobe panic? Spoiler alert: no.

10. Screw it.

Just put on the pants. They’re the cure for all that ails us.

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