The Funny Parents Of Twitter On The Hell That Is Daylight Savings

by Valerie Williams

Parents, are you ready? Ready for the second installment of the twice-yearly upheaval of our lives known as Daylight Savings Time? It’s the actual worst, because we have enough problems getting our kids to sleep and anything that disturbs that delicate balance can basically die in a fire as far as we’re concerned.

But apparently, farmers need Daylight Savings Time. Or, awful people who hate parents? We have no idea who started it. All we know is that it sucks and means we will be waking in the dark and shuffling our kids off to school in the dark and wishing we were still in bed. The funny parents of Twitter understand the pain and are here with hilarious tweets to make it all better. Rest up, parents. It’s go time.

1. It’s ruining lives.

The kids won’t sleep. The parents are pissed. Other than this election, it will be the worst part of next week for families everywhere.


The timing is curious, right? My children still have chocolate coursing through their veins and our lives are in shambles. Sure, let’s also now fuck up their sleep habits. Go nuts.

3. Back to the Future when we got to sleep in.

Let’s go back to like, 2007. That was the last time I slept through the night without interruption.

4. Seriously.

Does this shit make sense to anyone? Maybe Arizona is on to something. We can just skip it, right? No disturbance in the force needed?

5. Suspicious as hell.

Maybe it’s the same person who came up with restrooms that don’t have changing tables or restaurants that don’t have high chairs or grocery stores with only ONE stupid car cart. Can’t we let parents live?

6. Just…don’t.

Toddler’s don’t give a single tiny shit about time changes or anything in general. Yet another reason to obliterate this terrible custom of lengthening the day and making parents suffer that much longer.

7. Literally the only benefit.

Bottoms up, moms. We’re gonna need it.

8. It’s the least we deserve.

Kids are stupid, they won’t know one hour from two. But you will. You super will.

9. Come at us, bro.

We joke about the misery, but really, who’s better prepared for sleep deprivation than parents? We got this.

10. This needs to be a thing.

Look kids, it’s Sleepy Bear! Open wiiiiide.

Good luck this weekend, parents!