These Gifts Are Perfect For Your Friend Who Has Fur Babies

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You’ll be a fur baby-obsessed person’s hero with one of these gifts

If you know anyone who has a fur baby, you know they’re likely completely obsessed with them. And why not? Our pets are eternally loyal, always happy to see us (unless you have a cat, then it’s 50/50), and genuinely make every day brighter. So, why wouldn’t we want to spoil them (and their owners) with gifts a plenty for the holidays?

Walmart has us covered this holiday season; check out some of these adorable gifts. Get your friend one of these and you’ll move to the top of the “Nice” list, stat.

Heated Dog Bed

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Who’s a good boy (or girl)? Your friend’s pooch, that’s who. And every good boy and girl deserves an ultra warm place to lay their furry little noggin, which is why this heated pet bed is the perfect gift.

Nordic Dog Sweater

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Yes, hello, is there anything on this planet cuter than a dog in a sweater? The answer would be no, and the sweater is particularly cute in a Nordic design festooned with reindeer. We’re completely PAWsitive your fur parent pal (and their pupper) will approve.

Doggie DNA Kit

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Those rescue babies sure can be a mystery, and finding out exactly what breeds make up your friend’s 4-legged companion is a pretty exciting prospect. Remove the guesswork for your shelter dog-loving bud and help them discover precisely the type of lovable mutt they saved with this extremely cool dog DNA kit.

Holiday-Themed Chew Toy

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All the good boys and girls will enjoy a festive toy to nom on while the hoomans do their merry-making. This adorable Santa has a squeaker sure to please any rough-and-tumble doggo as they sit by the fireplace waiting to hear reindeer hooves on the roof.

Assorted Holiday Doggie Treats

Image via Walmart

Speaking of festive, while everyone wolfs down their Christmas ham, it’s only fitting that the barking set has something equally delicious to fill their bellies with. These assorted holiday treats will do the trick quite nicely.

Wi-Fi Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser

Image via Walmart

Though its $180 price tag is hefty, this would be the ultimate gift for a friend who’s obsessed with their furry family member. This device let’s them talk to, hear, and see their pet when they’re not home. The best part — it can distribute treats! According to the Petcube Bites description, it’s “compatible with a variety of dry, crunchy dog and cat treats.”

Crinkle Catnip Cat Toy

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Sure, these may just look like three tiny fish, but they’re filled with catnip and will pack quite a punch for their kitty. There’s no stuffing in these puppies, they’re 100 percent catnip and who doesn’t want to get their friend’s cat high during the holidays? SmartyKats Fish Flop toys combine two of a cat’s favorite things — catnip and crinkle — and they’re affordable enough (priced at only $5.96) if your friend has more than one fur baby.

Pet Selfie Stick

Image via Walmart

If you have pets, you’ve spent hours trying to get them to pose for pictures and if you haven’t, you’re lying. This selfie stick is the perfect present for the animal-obsessed, picture-obsessed pal. “Our petselfie stick takes advantage of a dog’s natural draw and focus and uses this focus to hold their gaze as you snap away that perfect portrait picture,” the description says.

Nightmare Before Christmas Leash

Image via Walmart

Have your friend looking frighteningly stylish this holiday season while walking their pup. They’ll be the talk of the dog park with this adorable Nightmare Before Christmas leash, because your friend (and their pooch) deserve to be a little extra this Christmas.

Highwave AutoDogMug Pet Sport Bottle

Image via Walmart

This is the perfect gift for your friend who’s always on the go with their pup. Just squeeze the bottle, and water fills the bowl. Once you release the pet sport bottle, the water in the bowl drains back into the bottle. The bottle holds 20 ounces of water so they can keep their dog hydrated for hours.

Studded Spiked Collar

Image via Walmart

Every pet has their own unique personality, and if your friend’s is “extra with a side of badass” this collar is for them. It comes in black, brown, pink, or red and sizes go from 16 all the way up to 47 cm. This studded, spiked collar says, “I’ll jingle all the way when I’m goddamned good and ready.”

Bowtie Collar

Image via Walmart

If your friend’s fur-child is a little more dapper and not exactly the studded collar type, no worries — here’s a tidy little bowtie collar that will make him the most popular pup at the park.

Catnip Chase Toy

Image via Walmart

If your friend has a cat, they know it takes a lot to keep them entertained. Cats are not here for your half-assed attempts, if they’re gonna play, it better be worth it. This Catnip Chase toy does just that — it has a ball that their kitty can chase around a track and it chirps like a bird while they do it. Gift level = Expert.

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