A Group Of Furries Stopped A Domestic Violence Attack Outside Their Convention

by Julie Scagell
Carsten Koall/Getty

The gaggle of furries held the attacker until police arrived

A furry convention was being held in California over the weekend and several members helped save a woman who was being assaulted by her boyfriend.

OK, let’s get the furry part out of the way. According to Psychology Today, “furries are fans… of media that features anthropomorphic animals—that is, animals who walk, talk, and do otherwise human things.” Similarly to Trekkies, Potterheads, or folks that dress as their favorite character for a ComicCon, furries dress in head-to-toe fur. Hey, you like what you like.

Six furries witnessed the assault which took place outside the annual Further Confusion, or FurCon, in San Jose and several furries helped restrain the man who was assaulting his girlfriend in a car until police arrested him, CNN reported.

Robbie Ryans was working as a DJ for the convention when he and a friend stepped outside for a quick smoke break. “Out of nowhere,” Ryans said a blue car stopped in front of them. “We heard a woman’s screams coming from inside and saw the passenger throwing full fists at whoever was driving.” said Ryans. “We got up and ran towards the car, my friend pulled open the door and we both held onto the attacker. The girl driver was yelling for him to get out, as he started trying to fight us off.”

Ryans began filming the incident to have a record of what happened to show police. Police arrived shortly after and arrested 22-year-old Demetri Hardnett for assault and he was booked into Santa Clara County Jail for domestic violence. Oh to be a fly on the wall when one of his cellmates asks what happened to him.

Furries tend of have “above-average school performance (nearly half are college students), an interest in computers and science, and a passion for video games, science fiction, fantasy, and anime. Less typical, however, is the fandom’s LGBTQ demographics: Furries are seven times more likely than the general population to identify as transgender and about five times more likely to identify as non-heterosexual.” They are an inclusive group who have very specific interests.

“It all happened so fast, I still can’t believe it,” said Ryans of the incident. “I’m so glad everything worked out in the end. It was a horrible sight to see. Afterward we were very shaken up but relieved.” Thank goodness these furries were in the right place at the right time. Human stuffed animals put you in jail sir, and that you’ll have to live with for the rest of your life.