Gal Gadot's 'Wonder Woman' Paycheck Was Shockingly Low

by Jerriann Sullivan
Image via Valerie Macon/Getty Images.

Gadot was paid a lot less than you probably think for her starring role in ‘Wonder Woman’

Despite making $573.5 million worldwide, Wonder Woman’s star Gal Gadot made a shockingly low amount for her role. Before taxes, the badass actress was paid $300,000, which sounds like a lot if you are not a movie star.

Back in 2014, Gadot signed a three-film deal with Warner Brothers for Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman, and Justice League, which is out this November. She was paid $300,000 per film, Variety reported. Considering the mega success that Wonder Woman has seen, it seems unfair that Gadot wouldn’t make more. Less than a million before taxes for three films that are guaranteed to bring in some kind of audience seems highly unlikely. Sure, executives can claim that they didn’t know Wonder Woman would be as successful as it has been, but we all know superhero movies released in the summer make bank. It’s not like she’s starring in three indie flicks that are only playing at art house cinemas.

Even though Gadot isn’t as big of a star as some, we expected her to earn something in the millions for three films since most of the dudes playing superheroes are in that range per film. Take Henry Cavill for example. Crazy handsome? Yes. Super well known? No. So how much did he earn for just one movie – Man of Steel? $14 million. Even films stuffed with superheroes are paying their stars much better. For Avengers: Age of Ultron, each of the key players brought in much more than Gadot did for her three-film deal. Mark Ruffalo earned $2.8 million, Chris Hemsworth brought in $5.4 million, Jeremy Renner negotiated a deal for $6.1 million, Chris Evans made $6.9 million, Scarlett Johansson scored $20 million, and Robert Downey, Jr. made a ridiculous sum of money for his role: $40 million.

There is hope for the badass lady superhero that inspired swarms of girls and women, though. First, lots of actors and actresses get bonus checks when their films do well. Considering Wonder Woman is still bringing in crowds. We’re hoping the studio is smart enough to cut her a nice, big bonus check. Second, there’s definitely going to be a sequel featuring our favorite shero. And we’re sure Gadot and her team will renegotiate well for her next epic portrayal of Wonder Woman.