Someone Left 2 Water Bottles In King's Landing And Fans Are Losing It

by Valerie Williams

Apparently King’s Landing has plastic water bottles and fans can’t handle it

There’s a lot of Game of Thrones-related feelings dominating the internet today. People are disappointed, elated, touched, furious, validated, confused, and a variety of other feels, but amid all of that emotion, hardcore fans are also giggling and possibly rolling their eyes. Because if you thought the “Westeros Has A Starbucks” flub was ridiculous, just wait until you see the plastic water bottles in King’s Landing.

Like, honestly.

The first water bottle was noticed by the foot of the one and only Samwell Tarly as he sat pensively thinking over who should be the next ruler of Westeros. All that thinking must have given him dry mouth, because look.

Yup. There it is. Undeniably plastic in medieval times, y’all.

Hilariously enough, Samwell’s hydration station wasn’t the only one fans spotted. Ser Davos was also in a thirsty way during this very important meeting of the minds.

While modern items showing up in a setting that’s anything but is striking, what’s especially WTF about the whole thing is the intense scene going on at the time. The very highest-ranked Lords and Ladies of Westeros were gathered to discuss the literal future of the realm, which, apparently, renders them somewhat parched?

However, the water bottles and Starbucks cup aren’t even the only egregious production errors dedicated fans have noticed during this final season. There’s also been a screw-up involving Jaime Lannister’s (supposed to be) missing hand, some random sneakers (pretty sure there’s no Foot Locker in medieval times), and a visible cameraman. Yikes. Looks like someone waited until midnight the day before it was due to get moving on that term paper.

After fan uproar, HBO issued a jokey statement about the apparent need for caffeine in Winterfell. “… the latte that appeared in the episode was a mistake. Daenerys had ordered an herbal tea.”

Cool that they approach it with a sense of humor and we may see a similar mea culpa after this latest continuity error. But as maddening as it is to spot such obvious blips in what so many fans believe is the literal best show on earth, we should all probably admit that there’s a lot of detail that goes into these episodes and of course, things are bound to be missed.

It’s also very easy to argue that fans who have spent years wholeheartedly believing in dragon children, zombies, and a mortal man coming back from the dead can probably swallow a plastic water bottle (or two) popping up where it doesn’t belong. The people who make the show are still only human, no matter how much we expect them to deliver on our most fiercely-held G0T hopes and dreams.

At the very least, it gives us something to giggle about in the wake of a pretty emotional and tumultuous season. We saw so many gruesome deaths and sad goodbyes — it almost feels like a gift from the show runners to leave a few plastic bottles for us to spot and suddenly be brought back to earth with a little levity. Thanks guys, it’s been real.