15 Games To Play At A Sleepover With Kids, Tweens And Teens

15 Brilliant Games To Play At A Sleepover — The Traditional And The New

June 15, 2020 Updated June 23, 2020

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Mama. Who signed you up to host a sleepover? What starts as a fun idea, always comes with so much anxiety. You have to think about allergies, bed times, screen time policies and worrisome behaviors. Suddenly you’ve gone from, “Sure! Invite Madison and Emma over” to “Oh, crap, I have to host and entertain a large group of teens.” Annnnnd now you’re breathing into a paper bag.

Gasp a few more times and then put the bag down. First, remember how lucky you are. Your kid has friends who want to spend the night and you have earned the trust of those kids’ parents. Bonus: In this scenario, it’s finally safe to have people at your house, again. Yaaay! Second, poke around. It’s easy to think you need to take this slumber party alone. But, it’s just not true. We’ve done the legwork multiple times, so we know what you need and we have plenty of ideas to help. For instance, here are some insanely fun games to play at a sleepover. Your little host or hostess and their guests will love all of these.

1. Flashlight Tag

This is just like regular tag except you play it outside in the dark with flashlights. If “It” shines their beam of light on you, you’re out.

2. Two Truths And A Lie

This is such a fun game for your guests to use to bond and spill secrets. The concept is simple: Each person takes turns sharing two truths and one lie about themselves. Everyone else has to guess which is the lie. Encourage your kids to think of ways to be sneaky. (Ex: You’re known for your yellow car, but your favorite color is green. Saying, “My favorite color is yellow” might be assumed true, when it’s actually a lie.)

3. Truth Or Dare/Dance

You know how to play truth or dare already, of course. However, what if you’re worried about your tweens getting into too much trouble? Or what if you’re a fraidy cat? “Truth Or Dance” is a much more low-key, introvert-friendly version. Instead of choosing a dare, you have to do a dance someone else makes up for you.

4. Would You Rather…

Similar to “This Or That,” this game is just an excellent way for your guests to share (when they start explaining your choices, you always hear good stories), learn and bond.

5. Never Have I Ever

Start with ten fingers (or ten pieces of candy) and go around the room listing things you’ve never done but someone else might have. If they’ve done it, they put a finger down. (Or eat a piece of candy, etc.)

6. Sardines

Similar to Hide and Seek, but Sardines is played with one person hiding and everyone else seeking. Each time a hunter finds the hider, they must join in and hide with them. The last person to find the rest of the group is the next “it.” It’s called sardines because you usually end up smooshed into cramped spaces together.


When was the last time you made a MASH board out of notebook paper? These days, you can actually find MASH printables. But, really all you need is pen and paper. Your kids will love designing their future… even if it ends up being awful.

8. Blind Makeovers

Blind makeovers can go two ways. The first could be that you take turns making over guests, but they can’t see until you’re done. The other option is to blindfold the person doing someone else’s make-up.

9. Spotlight Charades

Like regular Charades… but in the dark and with a flashlight. It’s a little harder and a lot more fun.

10. Spin The Nail Polish

Make or use another game’s spinner. Place nail polish bottles on each of the spinner’s wedges. Let guests take turns spinning to find out how they’ll paint their nails.

11. Minute To Win It Games

Got a minute? Then you have time for any of these games.

12. Musical Sleeping Bags

This is just like musical chairs, except you play with your guests sleeping bags — When the music stops, players must get all the way into the sleeping bag.

13. Sleeping Bag Sack Race

Remember doing sack races during field day? Try it with slippy sleeping bags.

14. Sleeping beauty

Have one guest lay down and pretend to be asleep. Without touching her, all guests must try to “wake” sleeping beauty.

15. Hot potato — Selfie Edition

Set a timer on your cell phone and start passing it between guests. Each time someone gets the phone, they must stop and pretend to take a selfie. The person holding the cellphone when they time goes off must actually take a selfie.