Geniuses Turn Annoying Parenting Advice Into Baby Wipes

by Maria Guido
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New parents receive so much unsolicited parenting advice. The geniuses behind the UK baby goods company Tommee Tippee have finally figured out what to do with it all:

wipe little asses with it.

Tommee Tippee made a limited run of baby wipes with parenting advice plastered all over it. They’re called “Advice Wipes.”

“Everyone has a different opinion and everyone wants to offer it to you, but sometimes – you just need to trust your own instincts. Thankfully, Tommee Tippee has figured out what to do with all of those opinions: we’re recycling them! And turning them into something that’s actually useful – Tommee Tippee Advice Wipes.”

Ad Week reports the wipes are part of a new campaign the company just rolled out themed #ParentOn, “which aims to give parents the confidence to put away the baby books and trust their instincts when it comes to raising their kids.” The wipes “made from a recycled mix of parenting books, magazine articles, printed-out blog posts and more—aren’t available for sale to the public (yet—they might be someday).”

Eric Silver, the ad exec who came up with the idea of the wipes said, “We thought it would be funny to take all that advice and actually wipe a baby’s ass with it.”

The fun ad is a refreshing change from all the companies that prey on a new parent’s insecurities. This one’s actually saying, “Hey. No one knows what they’re doing. You’ll figure it out.”

The wipes are just a “limited edition special distribution” to promote their new campaign – but the campaign is great. Here’s another bit from it:

Admittedly – I’m a sap. But this is exactly the kind of thing new parents need to hear.


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