This 'Ghosted' Halloween Costume Is Scarier Than Any Goblin Or Ghoul

by Christina Marfice
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Honestly, this ‘Ghosted’ costume is too real and I am shook

If there’s anything that will terrifying any millennial, it’s the idea of being ghosted. Anyone (and I do mean anyone) who’s dated in the smartphone age knows what this is like. So it’s only natural that someone would turn the concept of ghosting into a Halloween costume that’s, TBH, bordering on too spooky.

The Halloween joke costume is available on Amazon as a hooded, polyester dress. It’s white, with a string of unanswered texts emblazoned across the front. And the sleeves and bottom hem are jagged to make it look like a ghost. Get it? You’re a ghost and also ghosting. So clever. So spooky.

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It’s honestly such a terrifying part of millennial life, that 20- and 30-somethings are feeling personally attacked by this costume.

Lots of people relate to this on a deeply personal level.

Anyone with this Halloween costume is sure to be the hit of every Halloween party they attend this year — and also maybe cause millennials some low-key trauma from the realness. But isn’t facing your fears half the fun of Halloween, anyway? Maybe the costume will even bring some awareness to the scourge of ghosting and cause someone to think twice before they block that number without explaining themselves. Who knew Halloween had so much power to make the world a better place?

Oh, and for anyone who doesn’t want to wear a dress on Halloween (it gets chilly out there in October, you know how it is), there’s a T-shirt version, too.

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That’s right — now anyone can get in on the scariest Halloween costume of 2k18. You’re welcome.

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