There's A 'Ghosted' Halloween Costume For Women

This ‘Ghosted’ Halloween Costume Is Scarier Than Any Goblin Or Ghoul

Image via Amazon

Honestly, this ‘Ghosted’ costume is too real and I am shook

If there’s anything that will terrifying any millennial, it’s the idea of being ghosted. Anyone (and I do mean anyone) who’s dated in the smartphone age knows what this is like. So it’s only natural that someone would turn the concept of ghosting into a Halloween costume that’s, TBH, bordering on too spooky.

The costume is available on Amazon as a hooded, polyester dress. It’s white, with a string of unanswered texts emblazoned across the front. And the sleeves and bottom hem are jagged to make it look like a ghost. Get it? You’re a ghost and also ghosting. So clever. So spooky.

Image via Amazon

It’s honestly such a terrifying part of millennial life, that 20- and 30-somethings are feeling personally attacked by this costume.