Here's A Way To Say Thanks To The People Who Enable Us To Shop Without Pants

by Maria Guido
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Image via Facebook/ Lisa Betts

Your delivery person is working their butt off right now. Here’s a good way to say “thanks”

Do you even remember what holiday shopping was like before online shopping was a thing? If you don’t, we’ll fill you in: it was terrible.

People wait until the last minute to do shit — it’s the human condition. That means everyone would sit home cozily planning the holidays until about the week before Christmas, when everyone would descend on the malls at the same time. Christmas Eve was a nightmare, as were the days before Hanukkah began. Now, we can all easily shop from the comfort of our own couches — and that is in part thanks to all of the awesome UPS, Fed Ex, and USPS workers out there.

They are working hard right now, people. And there is a post circulating that shows us all how we can give them a little love as they work their butts off to enable us to continue to shop without pants on. Oh, you don’t do that? I don’t either. Cough. Cough.

Lisa Betts Gwin shared this picture on her Facebook page this week, and it’s going wildly viral because we all love our delivery people. “I wanted to do something for the delivery guys that have been doing a great job this Christmas delivery season! (I’ve definitely kept them busy!),” she writes. “I had someone suggest this and I thought it was a great idea! 🎄 I had input from a few wives of delivery guys…they said their hubbies really appreciate it! If you order a lot online, consider blessing these guys during a super busy work season!”

It’s just a small box with some water and snacks — probably costs a few bucks to make. But it sends an awesome message. It acknowledges that you know how hard some people are forced to work around this time of year to bring the rest of us “cheer.”

She posted an update after her UPS guy came by: “Our UPS guy just came by and I could hear him happily laughing before he rang our door bell! (He always hands me my pkgs instead of leaving them at the door!) He was so excited and said he wished he had his camera so he could take a pic! 😂 I told him it all would still be there the next time he came by! He grabbed a couple of snacks and went back to work.”


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