10 Reasons Why We’re Only Putting Gift Cards Under The Tree This Year

10 Reasons Why We’re Only Putting Gift Cards Under The Tree This Year

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Did you know there’s not a rule that says moms have to go to 18 stores and 6 billion websites to get their holiday shopping done?


So why do it?

This year we’ve decided to ditch the gifts and go with all gift cards instead. Think about it: They are one-size-fits-all and the whole family gets to choose what they really want instead of complaining about what we bought them.

This holiday season you can shop smart by buying all your gift cards from SixthContinent where members earn points just for being members, plus credits for purchasing cards, and those credits and points can be used towards purchasing gift cards.

With SixthContinent, you can buy gift cards from Amazon, Macy’s, Walmart, Old Navy, Starbucks, Target — and many more — so let your people treat themselves.

Here are 10 reasons to make it rain gift cards this year:

1. You have a tween and getting them to make a decision already is IMPOSSIBLE.

2. Because that game you’re gonna force everyone to play is less fun without prizes.

3. You’re not prepared for the kind of upper body strength it takes to bring ALL the gifts into the house for the fam gathering.

4. You want to give subtle hints that you can’t stay married if he keeps those socks with the holes.

5. There are people in your life who need to be recognized for being awesome, like teachers, letter carriers, the barista who just knows your order.

6. Shopping at the mall is basically cardio and WHY PUNISH YOURSELF LIKE THAT?

7. Your girl gang. ‘Nuff said.

8. Your dad already has everything and wants nothing, so dinner gift certie it is.

9. You don’t have to leave the house, and that’s reason enough.

10. Because it’s like saving money TWICE with SixthContinent.

So skip the overcrowded mall and shop from your couch. You’ll earn rewards while saving time and avoiding people. What a time to be alive.