What To Get The People You Appreciate, But Don’t Know That Well?

by Team Scary Mommy
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I don’t know about you, but I’m having last-minute giftphobia. There are just too many people on the list to buy for, and knowing the perfect present for each of them is nearly impossible.

Let’s be honest, how many times have you gotten a present and thought to yourself: If I didn’t love this person so much, this would totally be in the Regifting Pile (and if the person is more of an acquaintance, you know it’s going into that pile anyway).

I’m not talking about figuring out what to buy for my husband, or sons, or even my mother-in-law. Nope. I’m talking about the peripheral people we love in our lives — the aides and teachers who help my oldest son in his special education classes, my youngest son’s coaches, the babysitters, the girl who gives my son a ride to school; those people.

I appreciate them, but that doesn’t mean I have the slightest idea what to get them for the holidays.

This is why I’m team Gift Card.

You may be someone who has that special gift for getting your people the perfect thing. The rest of us? We work a million hours, do ALL the things for our kids, and never get enough sleep. We don’t have time.

Plus, those gift cards can add up.

I always think about how my youngest son bought himself a laptop after saving all of his Amazon gift cards for a few birthdays. Why not let the people you care about put their gift cards together to buy something big that they really want?

That’s why all my favorite people are getting gift cards this year. And I’m buying them from Why? Because while everyone gets exactly what they want, I also get points and credits that go towards future purchases. And that means I can get more for more people. Not only that, but those points and credits add up — you can get up to 50% towards future purchases. I’ll totally admit to even buying Amazon gift cards on for myself before any Big Sale Day — it’s like being paid to shop.

Moral of the story is don’t lose any sleep — that shit is precious — over what to buy people for the holidays. Get rid of that last-minute giftphobia and just get them a gift card.

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