These Are The Gift Sets Everyone Wants

by Team Scary Mommy
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There’s just something about a great gift set that makes people happy. Maybe it’s because it’s not just one gift, it’s an assortment of gifts! Here are a few amazing gift sets for all the people in your life. (Or maybe just for you!)

1. Grapefruit Orange Luxury Bath & Body Gift Set


I’m sorry, did you say luxury bath? Yes, we’ll take two please.

2. Gillette® Limited Edition Mach3 Turbo Razor Gift Pack


Get him a great razor to keep his face smooth, then steal it to shave your legs. It’s win-win!

3. L.A. Colors Instant Mani


Instant Mani? You bet!

4. ProX by Olay Microdermabrasion Plus Advanced Facial Cleansing Brush System


Don’t have time for a spa facial? It’s cool, you can do it at home with this kit. Add in a glass of wine and Netflix and you’ve got the makings of an amazing night.

5. Mandarin Mint Luxury Bath & Body Gift Set


Lock the bathroom door, and use this bath and body set to live your best life. You’re welcome.

6. Old Spice Swagger Antiperspirant & Deodorant, Body Wash & Body Spray for Men Gift Pack


If this gift set from Old Spice doesn’t give him a little swagger, at least he’ll be smelling fresh.

7. The Golden Girls Gift Bundle


Name one person who doesn’t want this Golden Girls gift set. We’ll wait.

8. Burt’s Bees Essential Everyday Beauty Gift Set


It’s natural, and it smells good. Sign us up. And then grab one for yourself and a friend.

9. Body & Earth Scented Bath Bomb Gift Set


There are two types of people: those who love bath bombs, and those who’ve obviously never tried them.

10. AXE Dark Temptations Shower Gift Set


I’m not saying Christian Grey uses this, but I’m not saying he doesn’t.

11. Wine Country Crowd Pleaser Gift Basket


No thanks, I don’t like delicious snacks and happiness, said no one ever.

See, we told you. Gift sets are the best. Grab your favorites, and share with all the people you love. (Maybe even a few you just like.)

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