10 Gifts For The Teen Who Hates Everything

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You love your teenagers but you are sick of their crap and how they deem everything “dumb.” We feel ya, we’ve been there.

But we also know they need gifts this year too. Scary Mommy can help with these gifts for your teen — even a teen who literally hates all the things.

1. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe


They won’t outgrow this game until they are 30, so it’s a safe bet to get it and let them go to town.

2. Wireless Headphones


We’ve all seen our teens tune us out by using with their earbuds or headphones for hours, so why not get them a pair that will really get the job done? We love these wireless Bose headphones.

3. Hoodie


Every teenager loves to hide in their hoodie. You can’t go wrong with this basic pullover style — the only problem might be removing it from their body so it can be washed.

4. “I Need My Space” Mug


For your teen’s morning juice, hot chocolate, tea, or coffee, this mug will let you know where you aren’t allowed to talk to them.

5. Beanie


Slouchy beanies are all the rage and we love this textured hat and so will your teens. The only problem they may have is when you want to steal it.

6. Bean Bag Chair


They will love spending hours in this bean bag chair gaming, texting, and doing homework. And when you get tired of looking at them doing said things, you can tell them to take their chair to their room.

7. Gratitude Journal


Now you might think a gratitude journal is a stretch, but this just might help your grumpy teen to open their eyes and start thanking their lucky stars for such an amazing life.

8. Personalized Necklace


Your child’s name on a necklace is always a beautiful gift to give. Even if it gets shoved in the back of their sock drawer, they are sure to love it one day.

9. Novelty Socks


Who doesn’t love a fun collection of novelty socks? This set comes with 5 pairs and your teen might even crack a smile when they pull them on.

10. Google Home


This will be their favorite gift this year. The Google Home is like having their own assistant and they don’t even have to talk to it in a respectful manner.

We don’t know if these things will knock your kid out of their moody teenage phase for long, but we guarantee they will help.

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