8 Gifts for Your Favorite Snarky Co-Worker

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Everyone needs that snarky co-worker friend. She’s brutally honest, hilariously real, and she makes the mind dumbing days at the office so much easier to bear. Show her how glad you are she’s there with these perfect finds…

1. I survived another meeting notebook. Because, seriously, are we trying to be as ineffective as humanly possible?

2. What would Beyonce Do? Desk Plaque. That’s always the question.

3. This meeting is bullshit Mug. Couldn’t we have accomplished this all in an e-mail?

4. Hello Monday Notebook. Wasn’t it just Monday? Ugh.

5. Knock Knock Honest Acronyms Sticky Note Packet. These pretty much sum it up.

6. Need more space Tray. So, back off. Pretty please.

7. Leave me the hell alone Tile. Really, it’s just not that complicated.

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