'Gillian Anderson As Dildos' Twitter Thread Is Oddly Mesmerizing

by Madison Vanderberg
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Dave M. Benett/Getty and Gillian Anderson/Twitter

“Gillian Anderson As Dildos” has gone viral on Twitter in honor of Anderson’s birthday

There’s this wild viral Twitter trend that we’re obsessed with which is basically referred to as “things that look like other things.” Kind of. For example, earlier today, someone did an Avengers star “Anthony Mackie as falcons” thread — and then it’s just a bunch of photos of Mackie next to falcons he sort of looks like. Back in May, someone did “Met Gala looks as birds.” Why does this happen? Because it’s fun. On Augst 9, 2019, in honor of Gillian Anderson’s 51st birthday, some Twitter whiz decided to toast the iconic actress with a “Gillian Anderson as dildos” thread.

At first glance, one might be appalled at the comparison, but there is really no higher feminist honor than when a fan finds your likeness in a dildo. In fact, Anderson loves it.

“My favourite thing ever,” she tweeted. “You have seriously made my birthday.”

Anderson even shared all the images on her Instagram Stories, which is high praise.

The thread starts in the ’90s and makes its way to Anderson’s current red-carpet fare. In a way, it’s a beautiful tribute to Anderson’s style evolution over the years. Plus, dildos. It’s like, “look at this queen and how she’s dazzled us on the red carpet for decades. Also, here are some dildos to look at too.”

Remember in 1999 when Anderson went to a PETA event in a hot pink coat? There’s a vibrator for that!

Ohhhh, spicy.

Twitter user @loriperrynicks — who goes by Cass — is the genius behind this thread. We don’t even know how she’s finding these perfect matches.

This one is Anderson as Ziggy Stardust as a dildo.

Pure elegance.

We’re screaming.

Random Twitter users were so moved by the threat they jumped in with contributions of their own.

You can’t give just any actress her own dildo thread. Anderson is perfect for this because she’s a feminist, and a badass, and she knows the sex toy business pretty well because she played a sex therapist on Netflix’s recent sex-positive comedy series Sex Education, a role she relished because of how “how inappropriate” it is.

“I discovered a new penis every day while we were filming. I mean, even in the bathroom,” Anderson jokingly told Vulture about the role earlier this year, while adding that “none of the penises on set are mine.”

As for Cass, the artist who put these Anderson and dildo pics side by side, she’s just happy that her icon appreciated it.

“Gillian put the thread on her IG story bye I’m officially dead…I’m not okay I am not breathing holy SH*T,” Cass wrote while adding that she’s “very happy [Gillian] enjoyed our art.”

Happy birthday Gillian Anderson!

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