Girl Scout Parodies Lizzo In Genius Cookie-Selling Tactic

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This 9-year-old Girl Scout’s Lizzo parody will have you eating (Thin Mints, obvs) out of the palm of her hand

There are hustlers, and then there are people who straight run the game. And a little girl by the name of Amory Vargo definitely qualifies as the latter. We know this because she created a Lizzo “Truth Hurts” parody to sell more Girl Scout Cookies — and, justifiably, the adorable video has gone viral.

According to Amory’s mom, Troop Leader Samantha Vargo, the 9-year-old from Westerville, Ohio decided to step it up in order to achieve her goal of an all-expenses-paid trip to camp. “She has done other videos but never with this much success (or effort put in),” Samantha told Scary Mommy. “She would like to sell 2020 boxes so she can go to a week-long Girl Scout camp for free.” And thanks to the Lizzo-inspired video she uploaded to YouTube on January 11, something tells us Amory could very well meet her goal… and then some.

In the just-over-a-minute-long video, the distinctive sound of “Truth Hurts” plays in the background while Amory sings her version of the lyrics. “You could have a Thin Mint, minty middle, helping our community, just a little/I’m comin’ around, you can call me back/And there’s the sound, of you enjoying your snack,” she says in the cookie bop.

As Amory’s dad, Zak, revealed on Facebook, the video had racked up over 2,000 views within hours of being posted. By Monday morning, it had climbed to more than 20,000 views. And now, at the time of this article, Amory’s video is rapidly approaching the 60,000-views mark. If there’s one thing people love more than a Thin Mint or Samoa, it’s a precocious little girl coming up with a brilliant marketing strategy (remember last year’s Jason Momoa on Samoas boxes gimmick?).

Besides, let’s be honest, it’s Girl Scout Cookies season. We’re all just sitting around biding our time until someone gives us an excuse to buy a box. And by box, we clearly mean four. Bottom line? None of us really need that much convincing. So, when someone like Amory goes above and beyond to hustle their little entrepreneurial heart out, well, take all our monies.

Samantha Vargo

Not only do the cookie sales bolster the Girl Scouts’ life skills, but they also support community projects and — as is the case with Amory — extracurricular outdoor adventures. Samantha further wants it known that you don’t have to keep the cookies for yourself, although no one will judge you if you squirrel away at least one box. However, says the proud mom, you can “even donate [boxes] to the military.”

Samantha hopes that Amory’s video will both inspire other young girls and raise awareness about the organization as a whole. “There is a lot of cookie competition out there, and we certainly do not want to take sales away from any other girl out there hustling sales for her troop,” she told Today. “We hope that by this video going big other girls will see it and the wheels will start turning for them in other ways to market. Heck, even just getting consumers to think about cookies and reach out to Girl Scouts they know!”

If you’re confident that Amory is “100 percent that chick” who can quell the Samoa-craving beast inside, you can place an order through her here.

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