Japanese Women Are Fighting To Wear Eyeglasses To Work

Japanese Women Are Fighting To Wear Eyeglasses To Work — Yes, Really

Japanese woman glasses
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The hashtag #glassesban is trending on Twitter following a news segment that revealed many Japanese companies do not allow their employees wear glasses

There are so many things that we take for granted living in the United States. This includes liberties such as freedom of speech, democracy (OK, so this is up for debate), and apparently, the right for women to wear eyeglasses at the office? Japanese women are currently fighting for their right to wear spectacles to work, following Japan’s Nippon TV airing a segment about the absurdity of the nation’s prescriptive beauty standards set force by employers.

According to the segment, glasses give shop assistants a “cold impression,” are a safety risk for airline workers, and are simply not appropriate for women working in the beauty sector, as their made-up faces can’t be properly viewed.

Ever since the segment aired on Nov. 6, the hashtag #glassesban has been trending on Twitter with people — both women and men — around the world expressing their outrage over the many companies that have made it official policy that females must wear contact lenses instead of prescription glasses.