16 Best Glasses For Kids & Toddlers 2021: Rx, Blue Light, & Unbreakable

Kids Need Glasses? We’ve Got 16 Best Eyeglasses For Kids + Expert Tips On How To Get The Best Fit

June 29, 2020 Updated September 10, 2021

Kids Glasses Warby Parker

If you’re looking for the best kids glasses, you’ve come to the right place. Homeschooling, at least part of the week, is now the norm for many families, which means more hours in front of the screen. We’ve all felt the additional strain on our eyes (and our grocery budget) this year, but kids, and even toddlers, are extra susceptible. As parents, we often don’t think about our kids needing glasses until they’ve already been needing them for a while. Luckily, they look as cute as a bright-eyed Disney character when they don some colorful frames.

So, we’re here to share a friendly reminder to be proactive with your child’s vision health and show you the best kid and toddler glasses brands, styles, and frames, including picks that are virtually unbreakable. And while you’re at it, maybe you should grab a pair for yourself, too.

What to know before getting kids glasses:

But first, a few words from the pros. Galo Andrade, NYC-based Director of Optical Services at Stahl Eyecare Experts told us, “It’s very important to go for an in-person checkup with a Pediatric Ophthalmologist or Pediatric Optometrist. They can check not just vision, but everything going on behind the eye to make sure the eye health is where it should be. Kids need a regular eye exam one time per year, as vision can change quickly as they are growing.” Eye doctors can bring attention to various health concerns that even the most diligent parents wouldn’t be able to catch. Andrade says that “The sooner the better when it comes to recognizing eyesight issues. It’s not uncommon for a child who is very nearsighted to become introverted as their world consists of all close-up things (like computers, iPads, etc.), and they avoid far away things like playing with friends and playing sports. A simple eye exam does no harm and can largely affect their lives as young adults.”

Where can you buy kids glasses?

Fun fact: buying kids’ glasses online is always the easiest way to shop, and may be less intimidating than going to a fancy neighborhood optical, but keep in mind that kids can’t wear adult glasses. Most kids’ frames are much more narrow throughout and have shorter arms to hit the correct spot behind the ear. Another thing that’s equally important is getting the right PD or pupillary distance, something best measured in person. Andrade says, “When a PD is off, either vertically or horizontally, it can cause unnecessary strain to the eye. If you’re buying kids frames online, you can take them to your local optical to get checked, for a fee, to make sure all is as it should be. Having that check done in person, while the kids are wearing the frames, can determine if you got exactly what you needed. If not, they can recommend the fix you need from the online company.”

Try as we might, we mamas don’t necessarily know exactly what to look for online. If going to buy glasses in person right now isn’t an option, you can shop for frames on large retailer websites (like Amazon) and then bring the frames into your local store for the custom lenses. Warby Parker now offers kids frames on their site, so when shopping for yourself you can also get the mini-version for your kiddos. Also, the Fitz Frame app offers a fun and easy shopping experience. Their app measures kids’ faces down to the last millimeter and allows them to try on the glasses virtually. The custom frames are 3D printed and can be engraved with names, numbers, or something else personal.

With so many choices, what do we choose? And even more to the point, how the hell do we get them to wear them once we’ve found the right fit? “Involving the LOs in the shopping process, whether online or in person, is the best bet,” Andrade notes from years of experience with kids, “Make eyewear fun for your kids! Let them pick the frame so they will be more excited/inclined to wear their glasses. Let them pick a fun color or print. Kids also love glasses that come with a colorful case and even a fun eyeglass cloth (for cleaning). It’s the little things that get kids excited to wear glasses. Remind them that it’s cool to wear glasses, even Superman wears them!”

“Kids frames don’t need to be expensive to do the trick. It’s the lens quality that is most important,” Andrade reminds us. After all, we want them to see as best they can (and learn, and read)! Check out the best sites to shop for frames and glasses for kids. Our kiddos will be happy with their fun eyewear choices, while we’ll feel good about being proactive to help correct their visual needs.

Best Unbreakable Glasses For Kids (Girls & Boys)

Outray Kids Retro Rectangle Clear Lens Glasses

Unbreakable glasses for kids DO exist. Yup, we said it. And you don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve such a feat. These retro rectangle clear lens glasses from Outray will have you ballin’ on a budget—and just in time for the new school year, no less! Made to fit ages 3-10, they’re incredibly durable and lightweight. Beyond fashion appeal, you can swap out the plastic lens for a prescription lens by consulting with your child’s eye doctor. While we’re partial to the funky slime green frames, these also come in bright pink, pale blue, and classic black. 

Just for fun: You’d be surprised at the number of mamas on Amazon who purchased these for kids with perfect vision. Keep reading… “My youngest was really sad she didn’t need prescription glasses after her eye exam, so I was glad to find these fashion ones at a great price and the color she wanted. They have clear lenses, so they look just like regular glasses but don’t affect her vision at all. She’s 4 and they’re a little big for her face, but that just means they’ll last awhile.” Another customer weighs in, “These glasses are amazing for daughter’s school work. With the Covid shutdown, she was spending hours each day studying. These glasses helped relieve her headaches & tired eyes.”


Zenni Kids' Flexible Rectangle Glasses

Got a kid who plays rough or is accident-prone? Zenni Optical glasses are virtually unbreakable and ridiculously affordable. The soft single-piece frames contain no metal parts and are flexible and bendable every which way. The lenses include an anti-scratch coating and UV protection, and each pair comes with a removable, adjustable strap to ensure they stay securely on your kiddo’s head, no matter how much they’re moving around. And did we mention prices start at $20 … including lenses?! (These encompass basic prescriptions; specialty prescriptions may have an upcharge.) At this price, you might as well get two in case one gets lost.

Zenni glasses are available in a range of styles and colors and come in sizes for toddlers, little kids, and preteens. To any parent who’s worried about their child snapping a pair of prescription glasses, there’s only one thing to say: problem solved. Says one buyer, “These glasses are great for kids that play with their glasses. My son broke three pairs before we found these. Hasn’t broken a pair since.”


De Ding Kids Flexible Eyeglass Frames

Made of super-light TR90 material and plastic, these ultra-durable frames can be brought to your child’s optometrist to have prescription lenses added.  They come in your kids’ favorite colors, like pink, purple, black and red combo, dark blue, and light blue, too, so you don’t have to sacrifice style. One Amazon customer said “I love these glasses. My son is 5 and had already broken 2 pairs of glasses when he was 3. He hasn’t been able to break these.”


Best Glasses For Babies & Toddlers

Miraflex Kids Eye Glass Frames

Miraflex makes Italian designed incredibly durable glasses for toddlers that are free of metal parts and provide safe and secure vision support for babies and toddlers. Miraflex offers 15 sizes and 32 colors with matching elastic bands to keep the perfect fit glasses securely in place. Miraflex’s patented plastic polymer technology created unbreakable kids glasses frames designed to withstand the challenges of childhood and reducing any risk for trauma to the face or eye. Putting glasses on babies and toddlers we’re asking for something crazy to happen, but Miraflex has stepped in and prevented much of what our mama minds could come up with.

One reviewer noted, “Our little guy is so active and fun loving that we know his glasses have to accommodate that. They have to be lightweight to not bend his ears and stay on his nose. They have to be flexible to withstand all his tugging, play, and occasionally stepping on them. They have to have a band at the back to keep them from getting lost. We love Miraflex frames for all of these reasons!”


$80.00 AT AMAZON

Dilli Dalli Flexible Eyeglasses for Kids

Dilli Dalli’s pediatric eyewear collection offers durability, comfort, and style so that even our littlest ones look adorable in their glasses. This Cupcake style looks as cute as it sounds and even comes with a colorful strap. The innovative IntelliFlex technology used by Dilli Dalli allows glasses to flex both vertically and horizontally so when our LOs twist them off their faces, they spring back into shape. This patented technology creates less need for replacement temples and still offers a soft touch for babies’ sensitive skin. 

“Fast, easy, convenient and great quality glasses,” says one happy DiscountGlasses.com customer. “Your prices are awesome and I’m referring everyone I know to use this site!”


Best Computer Glasses For Kids

LOOK OPTIC Sullivan Kids Blue-Light Glasses

With all the added screen time plaguing kids these days (ahem, virtual learning, ahem) it’s important to protect their growing peepers. Equip them with LOOK OPTIC’s Sullivan frames, designed with a Wayfarer shape so they’ll never go out of style! Available in navy, clear, and tortoise-colored frames, these unisex glasses are totally classic. You’ll love that they come with scratch-resistant frames, a 90-day risk-free trial, and a one year guarantee; your kid will love how good they look in them. And, no need to be jealous — Sullivan Blue-light Readers are also available for adults!

Says one LOOK OPTIC reviewer and Sullivan wearer, “These glasses are not only great looking, but I definitely feel less eye strain after looking at a screen all day! I just ordered pairs for my whole family!”


Mind Bridge Big Kids & Teens Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

Have a big kid or teen who’s always staring at a laptop, gaming, or doodling on their tablet for long stretches of time?! Yeah, we feel you. That’s where these blue light-blocking computer glasses from Mind Bridge come in. Offering little-to-no tint, the lenses help to filter out blue light while also minimizing direct blue light exposure. The anti-reflective (AR) coating will keep glare to a minimum and reduce eyestrain (although, occasional breaks are still encouraged!). Recommended for children 8-16 years old, these glasses are pretty ~cool~ if we do say so ourselves. With 15 colors to pick from, they’ll be able to express their personality without cramping their style.

One mom reports back, “We just got these 2 weeks ago, but so far they’re pretty great! They are durable, they look great (black/red) and my migraine-plagued 7yo has noticeably less eye strain (less blinking & rubbing) playing video games while wearing them. He actually notices that they help, and seeks out to remember to wear them during screen time (telling me that they’re probably comfortable, too).”

$32.99 AT AMAZON

DYLB Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses

For avid gamers and future coders, this two-pack of blue-light blocking glasses offer UV400 protection and lightweight TR90 frames in 9 different color combo options. They fit kids ages 3-10 and the flexible frame means they’re comfortable for all day wear, so virtual learning or family movie marathons don’t need to end with watery eyes and headaches. Note these are not prescription, but really, every school-aged kid who uses a screen should have a pair. 

$14.99 AT AMAZON

Best Kids Glasses Online

LensCrafters Kids Glasses

LensCrafters is a well known one stop shop for glasses for everyone, that has been in our local neighborhoods for years. Their in-store eye exam technology is one of their most prized accomplishments. Both online or in person, LensCrafters kids selection offers a variety of name brands including Vogue, Ray-Ban Jr, Polo and Oakley Youth. 

With so many choices it’s easy to become overwhelmed, however LensCrafters’ website offers the ability to narrow down the frame selection by the shape of a child’s face, the shape of the frame, price, and color, making the selection process a little more fun and manageable. It’s like an online department store experience without lugging bags, a stroller, and melting down kids. Giving kids the power to click on their color choice or frame shape will make wearing the glasses more desirable which gives us hope they’ll actually want to wear them.


Fitz Frames Customized Glasses for Kids

Newcomer Fitz Frames makes custom, 3D printed glasses for kids. The process is both simple and fun. Download the mobile app (you’ll need a newer phone), which takes precise measurements of our kiddos face then 3D prints durable eyeglasses in whatever style and colors the kiddos choose. The glasses are entirely free of metal and screws, making them more safe, but when the temples pop out, they can simply be popped right back in, making them durable too.

Our favorite feature is the augmented-reality virtual-try on which can make an otherwise boring activity a fun family fashion show. Kids can see what they’ll really look like in their selection before committing. There is nothing worse than hearing, “I hate it!” after we have already spent the money on something they desperately wanted. Fitz is also supporting the healthcare community and encouraging professionals to apply for free eyewear through this link — get them shipped to their hospital or home.


Best Designer Kids Glasses

Warby Parker Kids Glasses

Warby Parker, which started in 2010 by four friends in business school, is known for stylish glasses that eliminates the middleman making the glasses buying process streamlined and simple. It’s no surprise that Warby Parker has expanded to kids glasses that are a scaled down version of their adult frames. The Warby Parker kids site says, “We shrank Percey, Wilkie, Durand, Louise, Welty, and Daisy into sizes suitable for kids ages 4 and up in a kaleidoscope of beloved hues: vibrant crystals, classic tortoises, and versatile two-tones.” 

Their super cute, stylish frames are available in 12 styles and two sizes, Jr. Jr. for kids ages 4-8, and Jr. (extra-narrow and larger) for older kids. Our favorite thing about Warby Parker is their automatic giveback through Warby Parker’s Pupils Project. For every pair of kid’s glasses purchased, one is donated to a kid in need.


Ray-Ban Kids' Ry1598 Square Prescription Eyeglass Frames

Known as the epitome of classic aviator sunglasses (available for kids as well), Ray-Ban’s kids glasses offer the same classic style we would expect, at affordable pricing. Ray-Ban’s glasses for kids come in different sizing options to ensure the proper fit on young children’s faces and in materials like titanium and carbon making them lightweight. Amazon offers over 30 options for kids frames, each with different shapes, colors, and materials that will really show off their personality. We love that many of their popular adult styles are now available for kids.


Pair Eyewear Otero Frames

Pair Eyewear offers five different base frames for kids, each at the low price of $60, including prescription! From there, you can purchase stylish “tops” in fun prints like olive camo, pink tie-dye, rainbow mermaid, or a classic navy gingham, and glitter options in every color. You can even customize the polycarbonate lenses for classic single vision or progressives, and add blue light filtering or polarization for an added cost. The trendy Otero frames are made of lightweight, hand-polished cellulose acetate with spring-loaded hinges for a flexible fit, so the glasses will look and feel like they were made just for your kid.


Best Frames Only for Kids Glasses

AQWANO Kids Flexible Bendable One-piece Safe Eyeglasses

Sometimes our kiddos are just too rough to be spending a lot on frames when they’re just destroying them every few months. Aqwano’s Flexible Frames offer a budget friendly alternative when we need it fast. Available in two shapes, oval for kids ages 5-12 and rectangular for kids ages 3-8, and complete with an elastic strap to prevent them from falling off, these frames are win win. The clear lens can be easily swapped out for your kiddos prescription ones when they’re the only thing left standing from the old pair.

One mama commented, “These frames are a lifesaver my 6 year old then who just turned 7, had broken his glasses in school and he needed new ones fast. So I brought these paid for the lenses to be cut smaller into them and he has dropped them, sat on them, and lost them somewhere under books and stuff but they have maintained their shape.”

$18.99 AT AMAZON

Kids Silicone Flexible Square Eyeglasses Frame

Kids blue light glasses are all the rage and we mamas rush to protect their young eyes from too much screen time. We love that AIEYEZO Kids Blue Light Blocking Silicone Flexible Square Eyeglasses Frames come in a two pack. This is great for leaving one pair at home and one at school (when that’s a thing again) or leaving one pair blue light and turning one pair into prescription glasses at an affordable frame price. Almost any pair of frames can be turned into prescription glasses when brought to your local eye care specialist, and these cute and colorful combinations are no exception with the added bonus of a second pair. 

One reviewer notes, “My son doesn’t ever put anything away, so I find these glasses on the floor by his gaming chair regularly (translation…I’ve stepped on them). They’re durable, effective, and super cute. He was actually excited to wear them.”

$16.99 AT AMAZON

Wow Cool Kids Teen Square Kids Glasses

If you didn’t get the memo that clear was cool, Wow Cool Kids’ Square Clear Lens Frames for Teens are a perfect and affordable option. Designed to fit children ages 5-12, the durable and lightweight acetate frames can be paired with any prescription lens. The choice of pink, purple, green, or grey frames in a tie-dye print is sure to be a favorite for girls and boys alike. For this price, it’s easy enough to invest in a few color options so that when they’re over purple before their prescription is up, it’s an easy compromise. Complete with spring hinges and a nose pad sized right for kids, these frames will be both safe and comfortable.

One reviewer says, “I’m pleased that the lens for my daughter’s old glasses fit these frames. They are nice and durable and very fashionable, she loves them and I love them. I will be buying again!”

$19.99 AT AMAZON


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