Glennon Doyle Lays The Smackdown On Misogynist Flight Attendant

by Maria Guido
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Image via Instagram/ Twitter

Glennon Doyle tweets about her experience on a Southwest Flight

Bestselling writer, speaker, and all around amazing woman Glennon Doyle was on a flight this week with her wife, soccer star Abby Wambach, when there was a carry-on dispute. A male flight attendant insisted her bag was too big for the bin. It wasn’t. When Wambach proved it wasn’t by shoving it into the overhead bin, the flight attendant allegedly responded in a way that is completely unacceptable.

“You look exactly like the kind of girl who pushes my buttons.” Doyle is 41, by the way.

First of all, stop. Second, shut up. Women deal with this kind of behavior every day and it is so exhausting. Which is probably why Doyle decided to speak up about it. Later on in her tweet storm she explains that she sat on the experience for a day before she decided to share it, then realized that “right about now the world needs women with less chill.”

Amen, sister.

This is where Southwest customer service chimed in, probably shitting bricks that this flight attendant chose someone famous to be a misogynist creep to.

“Can you direct message us more info?” Translation: can you please stop tweeting about this to your 86,000 followers?

“Men: you don’t get to mistreat women because our existence pushes your imaginary buttons. We’re just living.”

BOOM. We are so sick of this crap. I just showed this tweet to a friend of mine, to which she replied, “I’m about to go scorched earth on everyone.”

This is where another user chimed in “It’s an unfortunate means to an end that we need to use planes to travel. I definitely feel more under scrutiny. Be it imagined or not,” sort of implying that this is all in Glennon’s head.

It’s not.

Women deal with this kind of treatment every, damn, day in one way or another — and it’s not okay. You don’t get to call an adult woman a “girl.” And we seem to have forgotten that being a flight attendant is still customer service. We’ve been taught to expect more decency and kindness from someone serving us a two dollar cup of coffee than from someone serving us during a flight that costs hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars. Airline travel is a mess. And don’t even get me started on the overhead compartments and carry-ons. But back to the story, because this is about how this man felt entitled to treat her.

Don’t know how many times that needs to be said. Do not treat women this way — and if you do, do it at your own peril. The world we are living in is making us all feel like a live wire. We are raw, on edge, and “have no chill.” Deal with it. Start treating women with the respect they deserve or deal with the consequences.


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