Weather Forecast Made 100% Better When Meteorologist's Dog Shows Up

by Julie Scagell
Global News/Youtube

Who doesn’t love a good dog interruption while they work?

Everyone loves a good local weather report. You could almost rely on them to make outdoor plans if they weren’t wrong half the time, but you can forgive that if there’s a dog involved in the broadcast. Chief Meteorologist at Global News Canada, Anthony Farnell, was on air giving Toronto’s weekend weather forecast last week when his Goldendoodle, Storm, rolled up to give him a paw (sorry not sorry).

The adorable doggo seemed totally relaxed jumping in to help his human work, which isn’t surprising because it’s not his first rodeo. “Last Friday, a hungry-for-treats Storm invaded the set in the middle of Anthony’s weather report, demanding treats even as Farnell was explaining to Ontarians what weather they would be facing that weekend,” read the description of his video, “and discussed the dangers posed by Hurricane Ida further south.”

Turns our Storm is a regular on his daily forecasts, and why not? It makes hearing that your weekend BBQ will be rained out so much more pleasant to take. Farnell has been bringing his pup to work for over ten years and he’s allowed to roam around off his leash in the studio whenever he pleases because he is a Very Good Boy.

“Both consummate professionals, Anthony finished his segment without a hitch while Storm sated his hunger (and mugged a bit for the camera)… all in a day’s work!” said the caption, and everyone who saw the forecast agreed:

Storm can be seen hunting for treats, channeling JC walking on water, and just generally having a dog-gone good time, happy to be alive and with his human.

According to a Canadian Dogs article from 2018, Global News made Storm a regular visitor on Farnell’s weather update after a clip of his antics went viral in 2012. Storm is semi-famous on social media with his very own Instagram page so you can follow him when he’s not hard at work on the weather report. “I’m a mini goldendoodle with a big smile & bigger personality. Can be seen regularly at charity events, visiting schools and evenings on @globalnews,” his bio reads.

The news channel also launched a “dog walking forecast” in 2017 where Farnell gives advice on the best times during the day to take your fur baby for a walk.

“I like having him with me because it sure beats leaving him at home alone,” he told Pawsh Magazine. “It makes it much easier to work the longer days knowing that my pooch is happy and with me. He always gives me a needed break, either just by being there for a quick cuddle or forcing me to get out for some fresh air in the middle of the day.”

We are completely here for this and think every newscaster should have their animals with them while they work.